Suppose you get to heaven but forgot your password?

A pastor in Virginia actually apologized for praying for an elected US president who stopped by his church. This cannot be America where this is happening…or…or is it only in America where this is happening? Jack Engelhard, 6/5/2019, 3:58 PM

The Kavanaugh Inquisition – the story of America 2018

Kavanaugh was an experiment for the Democrats as to how much cruelty they can get away with before America grew disgusted. Jack Engelhard, 12/30/2018, 8:01 PM

When media lie to sow social discord, they are the enemy of the people

The Pittsburgh terrorist attack, Trump's response, and the way the Left Media then hit him viciously anyway may be the “Rosetta Stone” historians will use to decipher that Trump was right to call the Fake News Left Media the “enemy of the people.”Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, 11/7/2018, 7:27 AM

An anti-Semitic hatefest greeted Trump in Pittsburgh

It is revolting to see how anti-Israel activists exploited the murder of 11 Jews to attack the president and police officers. Daniel Greenfield, 11/4/2018, 8:27 PM

PIttsburgh - we need to talk

When reporters come knocking, just don’t answer. When that mike is thrust in your face, remember that this is how your grandchildren - and the rest of the world - will remember you. Jack Engelhard, 11/4/2018, 11:57 AM

Is the mainstream media the 'enemy of the people'?

The verdict: No contest. Numbers are twisted, facts omitted, lies spun like thread in order to pile the dirt on the man who defeated Hillary. Isaac Kohn, 8/26/2018, 4:00 PM

Omarosa, without lipstick

Meet the talentless harpy who is all over the airwaves blasting Trump, Jack Engelhard, 8/14/2018, 4:03 AM

Marc Caputo and the madenss of the mainstream media

The US public is angry at the media and it is not hard to see why. Marc Caputo is the latest example of putting down those who think differently than they do. Jeff Dunetz, 8/5/2018, 7:13 AM

Anti-Trump activist Laura Moser defeated in Texas primary

Attorney Lizzie Fletcher bests Moser 68 to 32 percent in Texas’s 7th congressional district race.JTA, 5/23/2018, 2:01 PM

Oprah wins Hollywood, thrills media crackpots

If Trump is unfit as they say, he must be crazy to lower taxes, get the economy booming, and place Jerusalem in the right hands…Right? Jack Engelhard, 1/9/2018, 8:33 AM

Sarsour, not Trump, most likely TIME’s person of the year

TIME's editors say Trump wasn't even in the running. Sarsour, now, is a perfect choice. Jack Engelhard, 11/26/2017, 7:40 AM

Nothing happens in America besides carping about Trump

Besieged at home, Trump’s visit to Israel will be a vacation Jack Engelhard, 5/12/2017, 1:00 PM

When Jews find common cause with movements that hate Jews

Do the Jews who join anti-Semtic movements know something that the rest of us don't? Steve Apfel, 3/16/2017, 7:58 AM

American Jews and the Trump Administration

An aspect of the election result is the hysterical reaction by liberal ‎segments of the Jewish community, which can be seen as an act of infamy. Aviel Sheyin-Stevens, 3/11/2017, 6:52 PM