New York public schools to offer kosher lunches

New York rep hails decision: 'Different dietary options' ensure 'no one goes hungry.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/25/2018, 11:34 AM

Rabbinic org: Beacon School 'abandoned educational mission'

Coalition for Jewish Values hits NY public school that mandated 'moment of silence' for dead Gaza rioters. 'The school strengthened terror.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/24/2018, 9:06 AM

'Hitler was good, because he killed Jews'

German-Arab students praise Hitler to Jewish classmate who spoke against Palestinian state.JTA, 12/23/2017, 7:25 PM

This Harlem public school teaches Hebrew

Watch: Schoolchildren in non-Jewish Harlem public school learn, sing songs in Hebrew.Nitsan Keidar, New York, 11/23/2017, 12:16 PM

Will Baltimore public schools remain open on Yom Kippur?

Baltimore County Public Schools consider holding classes on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur.JTA, 10/11/2017, 2:37 PM

Jews and Muslims rally for kosher, halal food in NYC schools

Muslim and Jewish students rally in support of a bill that would provide kosher and halal food options in NYC public schools.JTA, 9/8/2016, 4:30 AM

40 percent more Arab teachers in Israeli public schools

Over three years, the number of public Israeli-Arab teachers has jumped from 420 to 588 - though not everyone is applauding the achievement.Rachel Kaplan, 8/31/2016, 8:36 AM

Jewish school or public school? I’m letting my daughter decide

It's not an easy choice for a Modern Orthodox parent, but a particular set of circumstances mean yeshiva may not be right for her.Jessica Rozenshteyn, 4/7/2016, 2:38 PM