63 Ethiopian immigrants arrive in Israel

Jewish Agency Chairman: "We are in the final stages of the reunification of the Ethiopian families".ILTV, 10/11/2016, 3:53 AM

Police Chief: It's natural to suspect migrants of crimes

Speaking to the Bar Association, Roni Alshich touches on crime in the Arab, Ethiopian sectors - and what he's doing to take it down.Hezki Baruch, 8/30/2016, 9:37 PM

'An historic achievement uniting the nation of Israel'

Likud MKs Neguise and Amsalem, who waged protest to have PM uphold resolution on Ethiopian aliyah, hail 'historic justice.'Hezki Baruch, 4/7/2016, 9:38 PM

Crisis averted: 1,300 Ethiopian Jews coming home

With coalition revolt, two Likud MKs manage to make Netanyahu backtrack after he scrapped resolution on Ethiopian aliyah.Hezki Baruch, 4/7/2016, 8:34 PM

Likud rebels threaten coalition

Dispute over Ethiopian aliyah leads to rift within coalition as Likud MKs threaten to vote against government.David Rosenberg, 3/7/2016, 4:01 PM

Likud MK Calls to Revive, Complete Ethiopian Aliyah

6,000 Jews remain in Gondart and Addis, MK Avraham Nagosa says, and it is Israel's duty to bring them home.Benny Toker, 4/22/2015, 10:17 PM