Divine command: To keep the routine

It is every day and forever. It was made at Har Sinai, but it is daily and constant.Phil Chernofsky, 7/6/2018, 6:50 PM

That's what God wants from you so much

Have you tried to understand? Here's the answer for what God wants from us.Phil Chernofsky, 6/29/2018, 6:57 PM

Just believe: There are miracles

Miracles come in two main sizes: Supernatural and natural. Miracles of nature are no less miraculous, and call upon us to appreciate God.Phil Chernofsky, 6/22/2018, 6:47 PM

They were them - we are us

To be sure, there's a grammar problem with the title, but it's a small problem compared with what the Torah presents in this week's sedra.Phil Chernofsky, 6/15/2018, 7:09 PM

How do we correct a sin that affects an entire people?

The sin of the spies alive and well in our own time.Phil Chernofsky, 6/8/2018, 6:10 PM

Feels like a new start - let's use it well

We cannot realize our goals without G-d's help, but He expects us to do our share, to do what we are capable of doing.Phil Chernofsky, 5/25/2018, 6:51 PM

Change the history - it's in our hands

The Book of Bamidbar is not just a diary of what happened in the Midbar. It is a preview of what can continue to happen in future.Phil Chernofsky, 5/18/2018, 6:49 PM

Understand the need to live the creation

A further look at an unusual mitzva.Phil Chernofsky, 5/11/2018, 6:47 PM

Is the Torah a connection to the Land of Israel?

We need to become better Jews and better people, so that B'har's uplifting message will always be enough for us.Phil Chernofsky, 5/4/2018, 6:44 PM

There is no doubt: Redemption is on the way

We have seen the hand of G-d in giving us a major push in the direction of the Geula Sh'leima.Phil Chernofsky, 4/27/2018, 6:32 PM

A Jew who stops to look back will always come forward

Look back to Pesach and ahead to Yom HaAtzmaut.Phil Chernofsky, 4/13/2018, 5:25 PM

The secret that accompanies us throughout Passover

Matzot and mitzvot have more in common than spelling.Phil Chernofsky, 4/2/2018, 8:51 AM

Is it so hard to say 'thank you'?

We can relive the slavery in Egypt and the Exodus which was the first step of our nationhood, and be able to see where we are headed.Phil Chernofsky, 3/23/2018, 5:53 PM

Ironic thing on the Torah - and its message

An interesting calendar irony.Phil Chernofsky, 3/16/2018, 5:11 PM

The magic number that comes up to the Temple

Fresh look at an old topic. Phil Chernofsky, 3/9/2018, 5:02 PM

The Jewish perspective in the face of the world

Our perspective is so different from other nations.Phil Chernofsky, 3/2/2018, 4:51 PM

Zachor: Why do we really need to remember these days?

Torah Tidbits Audio featuring 7 Adar, Moshe’s birthday and yahrzeit, the absence of his name from T’tzaveh.Phil Chernofsky, 2/23/2018, 4:46 PM

Beware the sea captain's photo syndrome

Let's not forget the heartfelt longing of the actual building of the Beit HaMikdash.Phil Chernofsky, 2/16/2018, 4:39 PM

The fuller picture of the Sinai experience

The positive sides of Shabbat and Sh’mita.Phil Chernofsky, 2/9/2018, 4:30 PM

Being a Jew: A personal mission that blends with nationalism

The fact that a Jew is part of the Jewish people is not enough. He must preserve his unique Jewish identity as an individual.Phil Chernofsky, 2/2/2018, 4:38 PM

Food from heaven? Experience of faith

We can't be judgmental about the generation of the desert. It is precisely this generation that teaches us significant lessons for life.Phil Chernofsky , 1/26/2018, 4:03 PM

What is the first gift we received from G-d?

Sanctity of time – G-d’s gift to His People. Phil Chernofsky, 1/19/2018, 4:15 PM

Are we keeping our side of the deal?

We are supposed to be thankful to Him for our being part of Am Yisrael, for having Torat Yisrael, and Eretz Yisrael.Phil Chernofsky, 1/12/2018, 3:37 PM

The power of Jewish women that affects all generations

A tribute to the amazing women of the Jewish people.Phil Chernofsky, 1/5/2018, 8:03 PM

How can we bring redemption to the people of Israel?

Some thoughts about our mental, emotional, and religious agenda.Phil Chernofsky, 12/29/2017, 4:07 PM

Celebrating and mourning go with yearning for the Geula

Message and ramifications of Vayigash, especially in light of the Hanukkah story and the fast-approaching fast day.Phil Chernofsky, 12/22/2017, 4:01 PM

Quiet and loud miracles

Nature's miracles are quiet only because we are so used to them that we tend to expect them and we take them for granted. Phil Chernofsky, 12/15/2017, 3:57 PM

The lesson of L'HAVDIL

We are part of a nation that split into two kingdoms and have yet to be properly reconciled. Phil Chernofsky, 12/8/2017, 3:57 PM

The hate of Eisav

Let's face it: Eisav and all the Eisav-types in the world hate the Jewish people. Phil Chernofsky, 12/1/2017, 3:58 PM

Will the real Eisav please stand up?

Phil Chernofsky asks: Was Eisav really an evil person? The answer according to him is yes.Phil Chernofsky, 11/17/2017, 4:01 PM

Davening: Observations and comments

Greatly improving our davening over- night is probably not going to happen. But that isn't even expected of us.Phil Chernofsky, 11/10/2017, 4:26 PM

Avraham and Sara: The base identity of the Israeli nation

The story of those who were first in the chain of fathers and mothers of the people of Israel leaves us with many lessons.Phil Chernofsky, 11/3/2017, 4:19 PM

Water - the foundation of our existence

This conveys to us the responsibility that every single person has towards the global concern for beneficial rain.Phil Chernofsky, 10/20/2017, 5:25 PM

It ain't just chopped liver

Yom Kippur is on Shabbat. Do they clash?Phil Chernofsky, 9/29/2017, 5:44 PM

When you return to G-d

You can chose between Life and death, good and evil - choose life.Phil Chernofsky, 9/15/2017, 5:44 PM

Why should we be happy Jews?

There are Jews who do keep the mitzvot, but they do not keep them with joy. They are not enthusiastic in their observance.Phil Chernofsky, 9/8/2017, 5:20 PM

It's all about doing commandments

Mitzvot, mitzvot, mitzvot and the package deal of the written Torah, the Oral Law, and Rabbinic Law.Phil Chernofsky, 9/1/2017, 6:33 PM

The mitzvah that enables all others

The mitzvah that enables all other mitzvot and then some.Phil Chernofsky, 8/25/2017, 7:01 PM

What does God really wants from us?

A focus on the many facets of Kosher eating.Phil Chernofsky, 8/18/2017, 4:44 PM

A different b'chol dor vador

More on G-d's plan for the Jewish people.Phil Chernofsky, 8/11/2017, 7:09 PM

Tish'a B'Av is over - now what?

A fresh start for us after the devastation of the Churban and of the many of our sins that brought it about.Phil Chernofsky, 8/4/2017, 6:15 PM

Agenda of national mourning

Effecting a TIKUN on the causes of Tish'a B'Av to bring about the Geula.Phil Chernofsky, 7/28/2017, 6:05 PM

Living in Israel - A Mitzvah?

How do we know that G-d now wants us here? Just look around. Look at the flourishing of both physical and spiritual life in Israel.Phil Chernofsky, 7/21/2017, 7:13 PM

The connection between Pinchas and the calendar

Pinchas and the calendar present us with an important fork in the road.Phil Chernofsky, 7/14/2017, 7:40 PM

This one or all of them?

Should we develop an army to protect ourselves? Definitely. We should not rely upon miracles, yet be very appreciative when we get them.Phil Chernofsky, 7/7/2017, 7:40 PM

It's all about the Jewish law

What's the meaning of the enigmatic mitzvot? How does it affect us?Phil Chernofsky, 6/30/2017, 7:32 PM

It's a bit like secondary smoking

Would you have joined Korach's rebellion?Phil Chernofsky, 6/23/2017, 7:24 PM

Seeing good versus evil

Are you a MERAGEIL or are you a KALEV? Torah Tidbits audio celebrates the 25th anniversary of the print edition.Phil Chernofsky, 6/16/2017, 7:29 PM

Sedras at the Crossroads

We read through the Torah each year. not because of the past, but because of what we must do in the present and in the future.Phil Chernofsky, 6/9/2017, 7:20 PM

It's a microcosm of Torah

Thoughts on the Ten Commandments.Phil Chernofsky, 6/4/2017, 5:42 AM

Admission to the good - with a forward look

We need to value Torah anywhere in the world, even while we must realize that the intended venue for Torah and Jewish Life is Eretz Yisrael.Phil Chernofsky, 5/19/2017, 7:20 PM

Shabbat's two hats

Whether it is Sunday or Friday or Saturday, it does not change the fact that most of the world recognizes the concept of a 7-day week.Phil Chernofsky, 5/12/2017, 6:01 PM

Be holy - how you can do it?

How are we to become holy? Keep mitzvot and thereby become holy?Phil Chernofsky, 5/5/2017, 7:21 PM

Happiness in the midst of the sadness

Yom Ha'atzmaut in the middle of the Omer: Clash or something very positive?Phil Chernofsky, 4/28/2017, 7:14 PM

The newer face of the Omer period

In our time we have three significant additions of a different nature to the Omer calendar.Phil Chernofsky, 4/21/2017, 5:45 AM

The Tsav-Pesach connection

Phil Chernofsky tells about the connection between Parshat Tzav and Pesach and reveals new matters in the Haggadah.Phil Chernofsky, 4/7/2017, 6:42 PM

Are Mitzvot means or ends?

Vayikra - once upon a time or soon again?Phil Chernofsky, 3/31/2017, 6:11 PM