Senior source says Goldenberg C'tee had it in for police nominee

'He thought Edri wasn't the sharpest pencil in the pencil box...that he was a stupid policeman who can't read and write.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/1/2018, 9:01 PM

'A stupid and superfluous committee'

MK Bezalel Smotrich blasts committee which rejected appointment of Moshe Edri as police commissioner.Ben Ariel, 11/30/2018, 1:38 AM

Appointment of Moshe Edri as police chief rejected

Members of Committee for Appointment of Senior Officials reject appointment of Moshe Edri as Police Commissioner.Ido Ben Porat, 11/30/2018, 12:13 AM

Incoming police commissioner required to take polygraph test

Committee for appointment of senior officials orders Moshe Edri to take polygraph 'according to principle of equality' before approval.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/21/2018, 4:42 PM

Moshe 'Chico' Edri named as Israel's next police chief

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan names Edri to replace Roni Alsheikh as Israel's top cop.Tzvi Lev, 11/2/2018, 2:14 PM

Police Bust Terror Cell With 13 Pipe Bombs for Temple Mount

Cleared for publication: two Arabs brought explosive parts to Jerusalem, where a minor assembled them for Temple Mount riots.Uzi Baruch, 10/9/2015, 11:05 AM

New Temple Mount Police Tactic: Mobile Barricade

InnovativeJerusalem police erect rolling barricade against mob of Arab terrorists.Tova Dvorin, 9/28/2015, 8:43 PM

Watch: Preemptive Police Exercise Against Terror in Jerusalem

To ensure residents and visitors' safety during High Holidays, Jerusalem police simulate responding to emergency situations.Hezki Baruch, 9/8/2015, 5:36 PM

Officer Dismissed from Stabbing Probe over Conflict of Interest

Internal investigation over the police oversights which led to the death of a teen - and wounded five others - made more transparent.Tova Dvorin, 8/5/2015, 6:31 PM

Injured Border Policeman Commended for Neutralizing Terrorist

Brave victim of Sunday's shooting attack hailed as hero by Jerusalem police commander, mayor hours after he was attacked.Tova Dvorin, 6/21/2015, 12:36 PM

High Court Allows Jerusalem Day March Through 'Muslim Quarter'

Traditional Rikudegalim march has been held for 30 years; judges dismiss petition from leftist orgs to cancel it.Hezki Baruch, 5/11/2015, 3:34 PM

Demand for Access to Synagogue on the Temple Mount

Temple Mount activists demand police follow the law and grant access to synagogue on Mahkama Building, located on Mount.Shlomo Pyotrkovsky, Ari Yashar, 4/6/2015, 2:27 PM

Details Emerge on 'Comprehensive Plan' to Make Jerusalem Safer

Police staff, special forces to work together to quell the capital's 'silent intifada,' Jerusalem Police Cmmdr. reveals.Tova Dvorin, 10/22/2014, 5:06 PM

New Jerusalem District Commander: Maj. Gen. Moshe Edri

Maj. Gen. Motti Cohen also appointed as Central District Commander, as attempts to clean up Israel's police force continue.Tova Dvorin, 10/6/2014, 7:47 PM