Man sentenced to jail for setting Minnesota synagogue on fire

36-year-old sentenced to three months in jail and 192 hours of community service for starting fire that destroyed 117-year old synagogue.Ben Ariel, 10/27/2019, 6:24 AM

Homeless man pleads guilty to burning down Minnesota synagogue

Prosecutors signal they will seek probation for man who burned down 120-year-old synagogue.Sam Sokol/JTA, 9/25/2019, 9:53 PM

'Negligent fires' charges against man who torched synagogue

Homeless man who started fire which destroyed century-old Minnesota synagogue charged with 'negligent fires'.Marcy Oster, JTA, 9/17/2019, 3:03 PM

Minnesota synagogue fire doesn't appear to be a hate crime

Police in Duluth, Minnesota, say fire at historic Adas Israel Congregation doesn't appear to be a hate crime but investigation ongoing.Elad Benari, 9/16/2019, 3:00 AM

Suspect charged with burning down Minnesota synagogue

36-year-old man charged with first-degree arson for burning down century-old synagogue in Duluth, Minnesota.Marcy Oster, JTA, 9/15/2019, 9:24 PM

Suspect arrested in fire in Minnesota synagogue

Police arrest 36-year-old in connection with fire that destroyed 119-year-old synagogue in Duluth, Minnesota.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/15/2019, 5:58 AM

New evidence recovered in Minnesota synagogue fire

Authorities in Minnesota say they have recovered “new evidence” in fire that destroyed historic synagogue.Ben Ariel, 9/11/2019, 6:40 AM

Minnesota synagogue burns down

Synagogue in Duluth, Minnesota mostly destroyed after going up in flames.Ben Sales/JTA, 9/9/2019, 6:53 PM

Anti-Semitic graffiti painted on door of Minneapolis school

'Kikes must die!' and a swastika scrawled on door of Minneapolis school, 17th anti-Semitic incident reported in the city in 2019.Marcy Oster, JTA, 8/4/2019, 7:37 PM

Minnesota gay bar owner's anti-Semitic rants spark protest

'Jews cause of world's problems, Hitler should have finished them all,' says Minneapolis gay bar's owner, leading to protest against bar.David Rosenberg, 6/6/2019, 9:39 PM

The Omar Stain: Mom, baseball, and anti-Semitism

Every time she opens her mouth, Ilhan Omar leaves the entire country with a taste of bad breath. Jack Engelhard, 3/5/2019, 11:57 PM

Minnesota senator blasts Otzma Yehudit - Jewish Home alliance

Senator running for Democratic nomination for president slams alliance between Jewish Home and Otzma Yehudit. 'This is wrong.'Marcy Oster, JTA, 2/27/2019, 8:27 AM

Chelsea Clinton slams Ilhan Omar for peddling anti-Semitism

Democratic congresswoman mocks senior Republican lawmaker who vowed 'action' against her over her anti-Israel positions.Ron Kampeas, JTA, 2/11/2019, 7:37 AM

Ilhan Omar now supports BDS after elections

Newly elected Somali Muslim Congresswoman now says she supports BDS after telling synagogue BDS 'ineffective' before elections.JTA, 11/14/2018, 6:02 PM

Despite abuse claims, Farrakhan ties, Ellison wins AG race

Dep. DNC chair Keith Ellison elected Minnesota AG despite domestic abuse allegations and past ties to anti-Semitic Nation of Islam.David Rosenberg, 11/7/2018, 1:43 PM

US: Woman who called Israel ‘apartheid’ wins local primaries

Ilhan Omar, who once called Israel an ‘apartheid regime,’ wins congressional primary in Minnesota.JTA, 8/15/2018, 7:55 AM

Minnesota rabbi charged in child sex sting operation

Kollel rabbi one of 17 people arrested in opreation against child sex offenders.JTA, 8/2/2018, 6:10 PM

Minnesota dressing room stabbing was act of terror, says suspect

Initially reported as attempted theft, perpetrator confirms to court stabbing was in fact an 'act of Jihad'.Mordechai Sones, 1/29/2018, 10:36 PM

Al Franken to resign from the Senate in January

Democratic senator and comedian accused of sexual harassment sets date for resignation from US Senate.David Rosenberg, 12/22/2017, 8:51 AM

2 more women accuse Senator Al Franken of sexual harassment

After senator refuses to resign, new accusations bring the total number of women charging Minnesota Democrat with sexual abuse to six.JTA, 11/30/2017, 8:31 PM

Alleged Nazi war criminal identified as Republican donor

98-year-old Ukrainian man accused of being Nazi mass-murderer donated thousands of dollars to Republican party.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/27/2017, 3:11 PM

Two more women accuse Senator Al Franken of sexual harassment

Four women now claim Democratic senator touched them inappropriately.JTA, 11/23/2017, 4:38 PM

2nd woman accuses Senator Al Franken of sexual harassment

Days after TV anchor said Minnesota Democrat sexually harassed her, 2nd accuser claims Franken molested her - while he was senator.JTA, 11/20/2017, 6:07 PM

Minnesota Jewish community stands with firebombed mosque

Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota stands with Muslim community after firebomb attack on local Mosque.JTA, 8/8/2017, 6:31 PM

88-year old Holocaust survivor receives high school diploma

Holocaust survivor in Minnesota receives high school diploma 71 years after Nazis denied her the opportunity.JTA, 5/21/2017, 9:17 PM

Nearly half of US states oppose BDS – thanks to Bal Harbour?

Minnesota became 19th state to ban BDS, with 3 more on the way. Florida village Bal Harbour was the first town to oppose BDS, 18 months ago.Sarah A. Gordon, Hillel Fendel, 5/4/2017, 9:14 PM

Minnesota legislature approves anti-BDS measure

Minnesota becomes 19th state to ban dealings with BDS-compliant businesses.JTA, 4/26/2017, 3:04 PM

Leader of Minnesota ISIS group gets 35-year sentence

Minnesota man described as a leader of a group of people who plotted to join ISIS sentenced to 35 years in prison.Ben Ariel, 11/17/2016, 4:42 AM

Two Somali-American men sent to prison for supporting ISIS

Two Somali-American men in Minnesota sentenced for conspiring to support ISIS.Ben Ariel, 11/16/2016, 6:44 AM

No evidence Minnesota stabber had ties to terror

Investigators have uncovered no evidence that man who carried out stabbing rampage in Minnesota is connected to ISIS.Ben Ariel, 9/21/2016, 6:45 AM

ISIS claims stabbing attack in Minnesota

ISIS claims a man who stabbed nine people in a Minnesota mall was its "soldier".Ben Ariel, 9/19/2016, 1:15 AM

Kidnapped boy's body found 27 years later

Remains of child whose abduction 27 years ago captured national attention found, but statute of limitations may help killer evade justice.David Rosenberg, 9/4/2016, 11:30 AM

Minnesota erupts in violence; 50 arrested

In the aftermath of the Sterling and Castile shootings, public outcry intensifies as police struggle to bring order.Rachel Kaplan, 7/10/2016, 4:04 PM

Rude awakening for an Israeli peace activist

Welcome to the real world, Moshe Halbertal. Benyamin Korn, 11/10/2015, 9:16 AM

Man Joins Jihad to Escape Child Support

Secular Muslim reportedly flees Minneapolis to escape paying $700 per month to two ex-wives, only to be killed.Tova Dvorin, 5/22/2015, 12:36 PM

Minnesota Nazi-Themed Party Provokes Outrage

Organizer of a World War II-themed party apologizes after a photo of the event provoked outrage on the Internet.Elad Benari, 3/20/2014, 4:44 AM