Police ban protest against President Rivlin

Israel police warn right-wing leaders not to protest against President Rivlin during his visit to Kiryat Arba.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/1/2017, 9:59 PM

'Amiram Goldblum is an evil man and an enemy of Israel'

Head of Lehava organization responds to attacks of professor who called him 'a neo-Nazi.'Eliran Aharon, 3/2/2017, 4:29 PM

Chemistry professor calls Lehava head 'neo-Nazi'

Hebrew University professor Amiram Goldblum, described the head of the Lehava organization, Benzi Gopstein, as a "neo-Nazi" in group mail.Uzi Baruch, 3/1/2017, 6:28 PM

Bedouin soldier sentenced for harassing female soldier

A Bedouin soldier faced a disciplinary hearing for harassing female soldiers at the Michve Alon army base.Idan Ben Porat, 11/29/2016, 11:06 AM

Anti-assimilation camp completes summer session

"The goal of the camp is to raise youth with Jewish pride who will know how to defend themselves and their brothers."Shimon Cohen, 8/30/2016, 8:15 AM

Anti-Parade Gopstein meets gay Assi Azar

In the midst of the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, gay TV personality Assi Azar met with Parade opponent Bentzi Gopstein.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/21/2016, 9:00 PM

Reform protest anti-assimilation activist Gopstein

Head of anti-assimilation group Lehava calls to demonstrate against upcoming LGBT parade in Jerusalem-- and arouses ire of Reform activists.Reut Hadar, 7/19/2016, 12:29 PM

Gopstein: 'Revenge is in blood for blood'

Benzi Gopstein, Chairman of Lehava: We must expel the enemies here - just so that we get peace.Eliran Aharon, 7/3/2016, 10:36 PM

Group Cites Increase in Jewish-Arab Intermarriage

Lehava organization records a 'significant increase' in the number of Jewish girls in relationships with Arabs.David Lev, 11/10/2013, 11:08 PM

Activists Protest Against Arab-Jewish Wedding

Police prevent 50 rightist activists from arriving at an Arab village where a Jewish woman was marrying an Arab man.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/24/2013, 1:16 AM