Jerusalem Post Conference

Minister predicts Hamas chief's demise: 'His days are numbered'

Housing Minister Galant stops short of open threat on Hamas leader's life: 'He won't die in an old-age-home.'Mordechai Sones, 11/21/2018, 1:43 PM

'Israel closer than ever' to Gaza operation

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan says Israel now 'closer than ever' to Gaza military incursion.Mordechai Sones, 11/21/2018, 11:40 AM

'Two-state solution is irrelevant'

Former Interior Minister Sa'ar says two-state solution is irrelevant, says time has come for new ideas.Ido Ben Porat, 4/30/2018, 10:49 AM

'What we did in Syria can't be done in Iran'

Former PM at Jerusalem Post conference: If Israel makes peace with the PA, there will immediately be peace with 10 Arab countries.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/30/2018, 5:06 AM

'Restore the sanctions on Iran'

Social Equality Minister says Iran is trying to build military bases in Syria and Israel will not allow it.Ben Ariel, 4/30/2018, 4:04 AM

Roseanne: I want to make aliyah

Jewish actress and comedian says she hopes to make aliyah, blasts BDS.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/30/2018, 3:38 AM

'I'm not concerned about a Palestinian state'

Defense Minister Liberman says he's not worried about a Palestinian state, slams Iran deal as 'biggest mistake in modern diplomacy.'Chana Roberts, 12/6/2017, 3:38 PM

'Jerusalem's future must be negotiated with the Palestinians'

Spanish Ambassador to Israel says Israel, Palestinian Authority, must negotiate Jerusalem's future, calls on world to fight terror.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/6/2017, 2:49 PM

'This is the baby, he was shot in the head'

Father and daughter speak about living with terror in Shiloh, and the terror attack which changed their lives forever.Chana Roberts, 12/6/2017, 2:24 PM

'NGO transparency is not undemocratic'

Justice Minister Shaked says law forcing transparency on foreign-funded NGOs is democratic, describes diverse issues facing ministry.Chana Roberts, 12/6/2017, 1:34 PM

'Peace in the Middle East means a lack of war'

Education Minister Bennett says recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a 'drastic' step towards peace in the Middle East.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/6/2017, 12:40 PM

'We are talked about in terms of a Final Solution'

MK Yair Lapid slams silence at Iran's threat to eradicate Israel, calls on world to recognize united Jerusalem as Israel's capital.Chana Roberts, 12/6/2017, 11:44 AM

PM Netanyahu's first appearance since US announcement

PM Netanyahu speaks publicly for first time since US announced Pres. Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem.Mordechai Sones - AFP, 12/6/2017, 11:27 AM

Former Mossad chief: Liberman may be the one who talks to Hamas

Ephraim Halevy says it is time to talk with Hamas and wouldn't be surprised if incoming Defense Minister does so.Ben Ariel, 5/23/2016, 5:14 AM

Dennis Ross: Obama consciously distanced himself from Israel

Obama’s former Middle East advisor criticizes Obama administration's attitude towards Israel.Elad Benari, 5/23/2016, 4:14 AM

Sa'ar to Trump and Clinton: Let us build in Jerusalem

Former Likud minister urges presidential candidates to publicly support Israel's right to build in Jerusalem.Ido Ben Porat, 5/23/2016, 3:13 AM

'Son of Hamas': Islam is the problem

Mosab Hassan Yousef, a former undercover Shin Bet agent, calls on the free world to fight radical Islam.Yoni Kempinski, 5/23/2016, 1:14 AM

Netanyahu: It's Not Too Late to Prevent a Bad Deal with Iran

PM Netanyahu says the West should show "patience and resolve" in order to reach a better deal with Iran.Elad Benari, 6/8/2015, 12:15 AM

Erdan: Peace Only Possible with Mutual Concessions

Interior Minister Gilad Erdan discusses peace process, outlines two major challenges facing Israel today: security and illegal immigration.Yedida Ben Or, Cynthia Blank, 12/11/2014, 1:37 PM

Lapid Outlines His Diplomatic Vision Ahead of Elections

In a speech at a diplomatic conference, Yair Lapid reiterated his 'centrist' views, differentiating himself from left and right-wing.Cynthia Blank, 12/11/2014, 12:00 PM

Top US Senator to Abbas: Recognize Jewish State Now

Robert Menendez says that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas needs to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.Moshe Cohen, 4/7/2014, 12:12 AM

Barkat: Arabs Also Want Jerusalem to Remain United

Not only Jews – Arabs, too, do not want Jerusalem split, says holy city's Mayor Nir Barkat.Moshe Cohen, 4/6/2014, 7:55 PM

Liberman: New Elections Preferable to More Prisoner Releases

Yisrael Beiteinu party leader Avigdor Liberman says the faction will quit the government if more terrorists are releasedYaakov Levi, 4/6/2014, 6:10 PM

Bennett: Olmert's Comments Unnecessary and Damaging

Economics Minister Naftal Bennett slammed Ehud Olmert for comments on the PA and IranDavid Lev, 4/30/2013, 2:43 AM

Steinitz: Nuclear Iran is Like 30 Nuclear North Koreas

The world must not ignore the warnings about Iran as it did 80 years ago with the Nazis, says Minister Yuval Steinitz.Elad Benari, 4/29/2013, 2:16 AM

Former Mossad Chief: No Immediate Threat to Israel

“Looking over a short period of time, I don’t see an immediate conventional threat to Israel,” says former Mossad Chief Dagan.Elad Benari, 4/29/2013, 1:17 AM

Cheers, Jeers Greet Olmert at NY Speech

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was greeted with cheers and jeers when he spoke to a large crowd at the Jerusalem Post Conference SundayDavid Lev, 4/28/2013, 9:42 PM