Iranian Ayatollah: 'Our missiles can destroy US warship fleet'

Ayatollah Yousef Tabtabai Nejad: Authority to launch US strike lies with Supreme Leader Khamenei, not 'officials who take their time'.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 6:15 PM

US-Iran tensions in Iraq

Rocket attack on US embassy in Baghdad raises concern attack could provoke shooting war with Iran.i24News, Yesterday, 4:43 PM

Britain warns Iran: Don't underestimate the US

British Foreign Secretary warns Iran that if American interests are attacked, Washington will retaliate.Ben Ariel, Yesterday, 6:08 AM

Iran claims to have quadrupled uranium enrichment

Iranian official says country enriching uranium at a greatly accelerated rate, no longer accepts any restrictions on enrichment.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 6:53 PM

Trump: I don't want war with Iran

US President Trump talks about confronting the threat from Iran.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 5:14 PM

Report: Israel won't join US-Iran war unless attacked

New report says Israeli, US, officials held meeting to discuss tensions with Iran.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 9:18 AM

Trump: I don't want to fight, but you can't let Iran have nukes

US President vows not to let Iran get nuclear weapons, but reiterates his reluctance to go to war.Elad Benari, Monday, 4:36 AM

Threats and sanctions: Battle of minds between the US and Iran

What we know (and don't know) about the state of US-Iran relations.NPR, Friday, 3:25 PM

Israeli PM sends brother on spy mission in Iranian movie

'Yohan Netanyahu', Mossad agent and Sayeret Matkal commando, was sent by brother into Iran on top-secret mission unknown even to Mossad.Mordechai Sones, Thursday, 7:31 AM

Is the tension between the US and Iran dangerous for Israel?

Iran continues to provoke the US, which is threatening the regime in Tehran. Will Iranian missiles land in Israel soon?Israel News Talk Radio, Thursday, 6:46 AM

Netanyahu: United in our desire to stop Iranian aggression

Netanyahu expresses support for Trump's stance against Iranian aggression.Elad Benari, Wednesday, 4:10 AM

Rouhani: Iran too 'great' to be intimidated

Iran's President speaks after four ships, including two Saudi oil tankers, reportedly attacked off UAE coast.AFP, 5/14/2019, 5:30 PM

Iran shuts down magazine which called for negotiations with US

Iranian authorities shut down reformist magazine which warned against closing the Strait of Hormuz.Elad Benari, 5/13/2019, 6:40 AM

Iranian commander: US forces must leave the region

Iranian navy commander says presence of Americans in the Persian Gulf "has reached its end".Elad Benari, 5/13/2019, 4:09 AM

Rouhani calls for unity to deal with US pressure

Iranian President: The pressures by enemies is unprecedented but we can move past these difficult conditions provided that we are united.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/12/2019, 6:42 AM

History in Iran: Athletes will not be boycotted

Iranian Judo Federation agrees to stop boycotting Israeli athletes and to abide by non-discrimination principles of Olympic Charter.Neri Weiss, 5/12/2019, 5:46 AM

Nasrallah's daughter: He doesn't live in a bunker

Hezbollah leader's daughter claims her father is a modest, sensitive man and vows: Israel will soon be erased from the map.Ben Ariel, Canada, 5/11/2019, 1:47 AM

Unmasking Iranian and Palestinian hybrid warfare against Israel

How do terrorist organizations join a sovereign Muslim state to attack Israel?Israel News Talk Radio, 5/10/2019, 4:02 PM

'US won't dare attack Iran'

Revolutionary Guards deputy chief says Iran won't negotiate with Washington, says US 'won't dare attack Iran'.David Rosenberg, 5/10/2019, 11:25 AM

Hezbollah blasts 'tyrannical' US

Parliamentary bloc of Hezbollah blasts the United States over new sanctions it imposed on Iran.Ben Ariel, 5/10/2019, 4:34 AM

EU 'concerned' by Iran's partial withdrawal from JCPOA

EU, British, German, and French foreign ministers issue joint statement after Iran says will not fulfill commitments under nuclear deal.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/9/2019, 6:44 PM

Iran: 'US sanctions are against international norms'

'This U.S. measure is against the international commitments of this regime. The United States will be responsible for the caused losses.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/9/2019, 3:21 PM

France: Iran must respect its commitments

France calls on Iran to respect all its commitments as part of 2015 nuclear deal.Elad Benari, 5/9/2019, 2:09 AM

Trump: Tehran can expect further actions

Statement from President Donald J. Trump Regarding Imposing Sanctions with Respect to the Iron, Steel, Aluminum, and Copper Sectors of IranUSA President Donald Trump, 5/8/2019, 9:45 PM

US envoy: We'll respond with force to any Iranian attack

Brian Hook says Iranian decision to withdraw from parts of nuclear deal will have consequences. 'President is keeping all options open.'Nitzan Keidar, 5/8/2019, 9:23 PM

'Israel won't let Iran get nuclear weapons'

PM vows to 'fight those who would kill us', saying Israel would do everything in its power to block Iran from acquiring nuclear arms.David Rosenberg, 5/8/2019, 11:50 AM

Zarif: Iran will 'diminish commitments' under nuclear deal

Iranian Foreign Minister says Iran will reduce some “voluntary” commitments within nuclear deal but will not withdraw from it.Elad Benari, 5/8/2019, 6:32 AM

Pompeo in Iraq: Iran escalating its activity

Secretary of State says he visited Iraq to ensure it remains a sovereign, independent nation.Elad Benari, 5/8/2019, 5:36 AM

France warns Iran it could be sanctioned

France says international sanctions could be reimposed on Iran if it reneges on commitments under 2015 nuclear deal.Elad Benari, 5/8/2019, 4:09 AM

Report: Iran to partially withdraw from nuclear deal

Iranian president reportedly to renege on some, but not all, commitments under 2015 deal in response to US sanctions.Gary Willig, 5/6/2019, 10:13 PM

Significant info about Iran attack preparations came from Mossad

Source notes info obtained by Mossad was transferred to US and formed basis for decision to bolster forces, including aircraft carrier.Mordechai Sones, 5/6/2019, 9:11 PM

IDF eliminates terrorist behind Iranian funding of Hamas

Israeli fighters kill Hamas terrorist who transferred Iranian money to Gaza Strip.David Rosenberg, 5/5/2019, 3:41 PM

Iran: US supports 'terrorist' Israel

Iran says US in no position to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization when it supports Israel.Elad Benari, 5/2/2019, 6:14 AM

Iran threatens to quit nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Iran's Foreign Minister says his country could leave NPT if the US tightens sanctions against it.Elad Benari, 4/29/2019, 6:36 AM

Kuwait concerned over Iran's threats to block Strait of Hormuz

Kuwait looking at Iranian threats to block the Strait of Hormuz with concern, says Deputy Foreign Minister.Elad Benari, 4/29/2019, 5:32 AM

Analysis: Are Iran and the United States heading for war?

Reports of US Naval buildup near Middle East as Iran threatens shipping lanes in response to US sanctions.Yochanan Visser, 4/25/2019, 3:42 PM

Iran: 'B-Team' pushing US towards disaster

Iranian foreign minister says Bolton, Netanyahu, and Saudi and UAE princes conspiring to push US and Iran into a terrible conflict.Gary Willig, 4/24/2019, 8:07 PM

'Iran will make US regret its decision to sanction us'

Iranian president demands US drop sanctions 'and apologize' - vows to make America 'regret' sanctions on Islamic republic.David Rosenberg, 4/24/2019, 1:49 PM

Trump admin considers more sanctions affecting Iran nukes

CNN claims revoking waivers could unravel key part of Iran nuclear deal they call 'signature achievement of Obama Presidency'.Mordechai Sones, 4/23/2019, 8:37 PM

Trump squeezes Iran's oil exports

White House statement says Trump Administration and allies determined to expand economic pressure to end regime's destabilizing activities.Mordechai Sones, 4/22/2019, 4:24 PM

Google bans account of Iranian anti-Israel propaganda site

Digital giant blocks accounts of Iranian site which claimed Israel experimented on Arab prisoners.JTA, 4/21/2019, 10:50 PM

Iran showcases domestic fighter jets

Iran showcases its domestically made fighter jets during a military parade marking National Army Day in Tehran.Elad Benari, 4/19/2019, 6:34 AM

Did Israel attack an Iranian WMD site in Syria?

It appears that the raid may have taken out an Iranian WMD site in Hama, Syria, that appeared to be modeled on the disputed site in Iran.Israel News Talk Radio, 4/18/2019, 10:02 PM

ANALYSIS: How the IDF outsmarted Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Iran moved its facilities in Syria from Damascus to an area it considered immune to IAF strikes - but was soon proven wrong.Yochanan Visser, 4/18/2019, 7:31 PM

Turkey criticizes US blacklist of Iran Revolutionary Guards

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says US decision to designate IRGC a terrorist organization is dangerous.Elad Benari, 4/18/2019, 6:42 AM

Iran labels US forces in the Middle East as 'terrorists'

Iranian lawmakers overwhelmingly approve bill authorizing the government to act firmly in response to "terrorist actions" by US forces.Elad Benari, 4/17/2019, 6:02 AM

Khamenei: Normalizing relations with Israel against the Quran

Iran’s Supreme Leader says some Arab countries "have become servants of America and the Zionists".Elad Benari, 4/16/2019, 6:20 AM

ANALYSIS: Why Trump and Netanyahu are right on Iran

Iran appears to be restarting weapons-grade uranium enrichment, while building strength in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.Yochanan Visser, 4/15/2019, 11:38 PM

Iranian FM: Iran deal didn't ban uranium enrichment

Responding to threat of sanctions, Iranian FM Zarif hints European countries didn't read nuclear deal, claims deal allowed enrichment.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/15/2019, 11:17 AM

'Death to Israel' shouted as Iranians protest IRGC blacklist

Thousands chant “death to America” and “death to Israel” as they protest US decision to blacklist Revolutionary Guards.Elad Benari, Canada, 4/13/2019, 1:01 AM

Nasrallah: Blacklisting IRGC is 'foolish'

Hezbollah leader condemns US decision to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group.Elad Benari, 4/11/2019, 4:04 AM

'Iran will consider US military terror group'

Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Majlis, said in an April 7, 2019 interview on Al-Jazeera network (Qatar) that he does noMordechai Sones, 4/9/2019, 6:41 PM

Rouhani: If the US threatens us, we'll make advanced centrifuges

Iran's Pres. Rouhani promises to 'mass produce' centrifuges if US continues 'pressure.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/9/2019, 12:18 PM

Syria: Blacklist of IRGC serves Israeli interests

Syria condemns Trump’s decision to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization.Elad Benari, 4/9/2019, 4:34 AM

Iran declares US a 'state sponsor of terror'

Iran retaliates against US declaration of Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terror group by declaring all US Middle East forces terrorists.AFP, 4/8/2019, 8:34 PM

US designates Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terror organization

Trump Administration labels Iranian Revolutionary Guards a 'foreign terrorist organization' in latest move to pressure the Islamic Republic.Gary Willig, 4/8/2019, 5:30 PM

Iran claims Israel uses prisoners for 'medical trials'

Iranian news portal spreads article throughout Latin America claiming Israel performs medical tests on prisoners.JTA, 4/6/2019, 10:20 PM