Yamina: 'You don't have to wait for planning committees'

Yamina after Netanyahu promise to build in Dolev: 'Only large, strong Yamina will assure Netanyahu order will be followed up.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/26/2019, 5:13 PM

'Eliminate terrorists, don't just capture them'

MK Ofir Sofer says PM's promise to build 300 homes near site of deadly terror attack could be pre-election promise which goes unfulfilled.Nitzan Keidar, 8/26/2019, 4:03 PM

PM: New neighborhood to be built near scene of terror attack

Netanyahu pushes plans for new neighborhood in Jewish town near scene of terror attack that killed 17-year-old Rina Shnerb.David Rosenberg, 8/26/2019, 12:22 PM

'Rina was such a happy person'

Grandmother of murdered Israeli teen remembers her granddaughter, notes that her death has 'brought people together'.Yoni Kempinski, 8/25/2019, 5:52 PM

Breaking: Rina Shnerb, 17, murdered in Dolev-area terror attack

Rina Shnerb, the young woman critically injured in Friday's terror attack, dies of her wounds.Chana Roberts, 8/23/2019, 1:14 PM

Yamina to Netanyahu: 'Jewish blood has become worthless'

Right-wing Knesset members slam Israel's policies for handling terror, demand creation of checkpoints, worse treatment for terrorists.Eliran Aharon, 8/23/2019, 12:54 PM

Her son was murdered at same spot: 'I feel a storm of emotions'

The terrorist incident on Friday is next to a spring named after Danny Gonen, killed in the same spot 4 years ago, also on a Friday.Sara Rubenstein, 8/23/2019, 12:36 PM

Binyamin attack injures two seriously, one critically

Explosive device detonates near Dolev-area spring, injuring father and two children.Chana Roberts, 8/23/2019, 12:28 PM

Firefighters battle blazes across Israel

New fire sparked near Jerusalem as fires in Dolev, Zichron Yaakov resurgent, spread by strong winds.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/23/2016, 9:34 AM

Dolev fire extinguished; Zichron Yaakov fire resumes

Fire in the community of Dolev in the Binyamin region extinguished. Three caravans damaged.Shlomo Piotrokovsky, 11/23/2016, 6:10 AM

Vehicle used in terror attack confiscated

IDF forces find vehicle used to ram into soldiers in terror attack in early May in which 3 were wounded, one seriously.Uzi Baruch, 7/21/2016, 11:50 AM

Terrorist body return breached Israel's conditions

PM ordered return of terrorist's body same day as attack on condition of modest funeral - instead thousands paraded him with Hamas flags.Ari Yashar, 5/6/2016, 10:42 AM

Wounded soldier's father 'disappointed' by Bibi

Father of 1 of 3 soldiers wounded in attack Tuesday condemns PM for returning terrorist's body; 'I'm disappointed I voted for him.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/4/2016, 12:24 PM

Israel returns body of car ramming terrorist

Political echelon approves return of body of terrorist who injured three IDF soldiers near the town of Dolev.Elad Benari, 5/3/2016, 11:45 PM

Terror Victim's Memorial Defaced by Arab Vandals

The name of Palestinian movement 'Fatah' was scrawled in red paint on memorial at Ein Bubin spring for slain hiker Danny Gonen.Cynthia Blank, 9/20/2015, 2:02 PM

Arabs Try to Drain Spring Where Hiker was Murdered

IDF now on permanent guard after mob attempts to sabotage historic site where 25-year-old was slain last week.Yishai Karov, 6/25/2015, 5:39 PM

'You Were Murdered in the Land that You Loved'

Devorah Gonen eulogizes her eldest child Danny, 25, killed by a Palestinian terrorist in a shooting attack Friday.Arutz Sheva Staff , 6/21/2015, 7:46 AM

Victim of Shooting Attack Identified

25-year-old Danny Gonen was murdered when a terrorist opened fire on him and his friend. "He was the best boy in the world," says his uncle.Elad Benari, Canada, 6/19/2015, 8:34 PM

Stabbing Attack Foiled by Vigilant Dolev Resident

More information emerges about last night's foiled stabbing attack; Palestinian tried to pass himself off as Israeli hitchhiker.Orly Harari, Cynthia Blank, 11/13/2014, 12:14 PM

Two Stabbing Attacks Thwarted Wednesday

Police vigilance foiled second stabbing attack Wednesday night. Palestinian caught with knife near Dolev, planned to stab bus driver.Cynthia Blank, 11/13/2014, 8:54 AM

Protests North of Jerusalem Over Security Cuts

Demonstrators in Binyamin town of Dolev demand IDF and police do more, after a series of infiltrations from nearby Palestinian communities.Ornit Atzar, 10/19/2014, 10:45 AM

Rosh Hashanah Arson on Towns North of Jerusalem

Molotov cocktails used to light blaze adjacent to Dolev, security barrier of Psagot lit; latest in string of Arab arson attacks on region.Oranit Etzer, Ari Yashar, 9/29/2014, 2:00 PM

Third Time in Two Weeks: Baby Left in Car Dies

A baby has died after being forgotten in a car for five hours – the second incident in as many daysChana Ya'ar, 7/15/2013, 2:41 PM