Terror attack foiled in Samaria

Two terrorists neutralized in attack at Tapuah Junction in Samaria.David Rosenberg, 1/23/2018, 2:55 PM

Soldier injured in grenade accident

Stun grenade explodes in hand of IDF officer confronting Arab rioters near Jerusalem. Authorities catch Arabs smuggling rifle in Samaria.Ido Ben Porat, 7/5/2017, 10:44 AM

Orthodox MMA fighter shot dead in his Florida home

25-year old mixed martial arts fighter shot and killed. 'This was a special young man with a heart of gold.'JTA, 7/5/2017, 9:57 AM

Watch: First Zehut Party Conference

Conference being held in Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv port.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/28/2017, 6:34 PM

Terrorist gets cold feet when faced with IDF soldiers

Arab terrorist draws knife on security forces at junction in northern Samaria, but panics and throws away weapon when they react.Uzi Baruch, 4/3/2016, 4:19 PM

Watch: Female terrorist caught at Tapuach Junction

Teenage terrorist nabbed at Tapuach checkpoint, said she was inspired to commit terror attack after watching online videos.David Rosenberg, 2/21/2016, 9:32 AM

Israeli motorist killed in collision with Palestinian truck

MDA medics forced to declare death of Zvi Yehuda Grossman, 30, following accident on Route 5 near Tapuach Junction in Samaria.Uzi Baruch, 1/12/2016, 12:36 PM

Stabbing attack thwarted at Tapuach Junction

26 year old Palestinian roused suspicion of the soldiers at the junction. Upon searching him they found a knife.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/4/2016, 2:34 PM

'My sense of security was destroyed in one moment'

Watch: Six-month pregnant Malka Wasserman recounts terrifying moments of car-ramming attack at Tapuach Junction.Yoni Kempinski, 11/8/2015, 1:57 PM

Car attack at Tapuach Junction; four injured

Four young Israelis, including pregnant woman, injured in car attack in Samaria; two seriously injured. Terrorist eliminated.Tova Dvorin, 11/8/2015, 11:01 AM

Stabbing thwarted in Samaria; two terrorists neutralized

Border police at Tapuah thwart attack; one terrorist dead, the other critically injured.Tova Dvorin, 10/30/2015, 12:49 PM

Stabbing Attack Thwarted in Samaria

Alert soldiers spot Arab terrorist, cause him to throw aside a knife - only to find another knife on his body.Uzi Baruch, 10/6/2015, 7:49 PM

Stabbing Attack Foiled in Samaria

Arab terrorist draws a dagger and tries to stab soldiers during security check at Tapuah Junction, quick reactions thwart him.Ari Yashar, 9/16/2015, 2:24 PM

'Quick and Determined' Officer Recounts Stabbing Attack

Border Patrol commander praises fighters who eliminated terrorist during stabbing attack at Tapuach Junction Monday.Yishai Karov, 8/17/2015, 6:47 PM

Attempted Car Terror Attack in Samaria

Arabs in a stolen car drove up to a checkpoint, then try to run over IDF soldiers as they sped away.Uzi Baruch, Gil Ronen, 1/22/2015, 9:02 PM

Rock Throwing Terrorist Eliminated by IDF Fire

Terrorist lobbing potentially lethal rocks at Israeli cars shot in IDF confrontation - soldiers now likely to be faced with investigation.Shlomo Pyotrkovsky, Ari Yashar, 12/29/2014, 2:33 PM

Testimony: Terrorist 'Pulled a Gun' in Thwarted Samaria Attack

Border Patrol reveals dramatic details of Samaria terror attempt, and how officers neutralized terrorist in hand-to-hand combat.Uzi Baruch, Ari Yashar, 10/2/2014, 7:43 PM

Terror Attack in Samaria Thwarted by IDF

Two terrorists caught with three explosives, pistol and knives at Tapuach Junction, close to Ariel.Uzi Baruch, Ari Yashar, 10/2/2014, 4:11 PM

PM Awards Medals to Tapuah Junction Heroes

Prime Minister Netanyahu presented medals to soldiers who bravely prevented a major terror attack in Samaria last week.Yaakov Levi, 6/8/2014, 4:44 PM

The PA, Peaceful? Tapuah Terrorist a Fatah Member

Monday night shooter revealed to be Fatah member - belying perception that terror only stems from Hamas.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/3/2014, 2:18 PM

Terrorist Opens Fire at Soldiers in the Tapuach Junction

Terrorist opens fire towards IDF soldiers at the Tapuach Junction in Samaria. Soldiers return fire and kill him.Elad Benari, 6/3/2014, 1:00 AM

IDF Manhunt After Terror Cell at Large in Samaria

Suspects pursued over foiled suicide bombing this morning, may possess more bombs; video of attempted bombing released.Ari Yashar, 5/30/2014, 2:01 PM

Suicide Bombing Prevented in Samaria

Arab terrorist wearing bomb belt stopped at Tapuach Junction near Ariel before he could attack.Ari Yashar, 5/30/2014, 10:39 AM

'We are Still Happy,' Says Defiant Bereaved Brother

One year after the murder of Evyatar Borovsky, Jews march to site of future community to be named after him.Benny Toker, Gil Ronen, 5/29/2014, 9:52 AM

Stabbing Attack Prevented Near Ariel

Security forces foil a stabbing attack at Tapuach Junction in Samaria.Ari Yashar, 4/15/2014, 8:08 PM

Widow of Slain Actor Demands Death Sentence

Tzofia Borovsky not satisfied with military court's sentence of life + 20 for murderer of Evyatar Hy"d.Gil Ronen, 11/26/2013, 12:56 PM

Video Footage Shows Flare Gun Attack, Terrorist's Demise

Terrorist fired flares at civilians at Tapuach Junction. Soldiers responded quickly and eliminated him.Gil Ronen, 11/12/2013, 10:49 AM

MK Condemns Kerry's Self-Fulfilling Intifada Prophecy

Chetboun condemns terror attempt at Tapuach, says terror must be 'defeated, not spoken to'; insists Kerry's threats yield results.Ari Yashar, 11/8/2013, 9:09 AM

Tapuach: Terrorist Killed after Firing at Israelis

The terrorist used a flare gun to fire at Israelis at hitchhiking station in Samaria. The IDF shot him dead.Gil Ronen, 11/7/2013, 7:30 PM

Samaria: Armed Terrorists Nabbed

Alert Border Police catch two Arabs armed with fire bombs, knife.Gil Ronen, 9/19/2013, 8:46 PM

Arab Youths Carrying Molotov Cocktails Arrested at Tapuach Jct

Two Arab youths have been arrested at the Tapuach Junction after Border Police found molotov cocktails in bags they were holding.Adam Ross, 9/17/2013, 9:39 PM

Danon: We're Determined to Build in Judea and Samaria

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon visited the site of the attack in which Evyatar Borovsky was murdered and met his grieving family.Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski, 5/6/2013, 6:13 AM

Protests Against Terror Continue in Samaria

Junction where man was stabbed to death continues to be the site of rallies against terrorism.Maayana Miskin, 5/5/2013, 1:55 PM

Bereaved Father: Release Terrorists and You'll Get Attacks

The terror attack at the Tapuach Junction is a direct result of Israel releasing terrorists, says bereaved father from Haifa.Elad Benari, 5/2/2013, 6:14 AM

Widow of Terror Victim: If the State Doesn't Respond, We Will

Tzofia Borovsky, the widow of Evyatar Borovsky, calls on Israel to respond to the terror attack which killed her husband.Elad Benari, 5/2/2013, 4:45 AM

Terrorists Should be Put to Death, Says Nationalist Activist

Baruch Marzel says the terrorist who killed Evyatar Borovsky at the Tapuach Junction should not have been left alive.Elad Benari, 5/2/2013, 2:16 AM

Samaria Leader Moves Offices to Tapuah Junction

Head of Shomron Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, moves his offices to junction where terrorist killed young father. Maayana Miskin, 5/1/2013, 4:17 PM

Rabbi Levanon: We Need National ‘Price Tag’

Rabbi Elyakim Levanon talks about the most important issue facing Judea and Samaria.Maayana Miskin, 5/1/2013, 7:41 AM

Protest at Junction Where Man was Murdered

Protest at junction where terrorist murdered young Israeli father.Maayana Miskin, 4/30/2013, 10:04 PM

Leaders Urge, ‘Stop Playing with Terrorists’

Samaria leaders, Jewish Home urge government to ‘stop playing with terrorists,’ crack down on would-be attackers.Maayana Miskin, 4/30/2013, 6:23 PM

Terror Victim: Popular Actor Who Worked with Kids

Terror victim participated in therapeutic psychodrama, which incorporates role-playing and improvisation to overcome traumatic experiences., 4/30/2013, 2:34 PM

Terrorist Stabs Youth in Samaria

The victim is in light to moderate condition after stabbing at Tapuach Junction.Gil Ronen, 1/29/2013, 2:47 PM

Three Terrorists Caught with Bombs

Border Police arrest terrorists near Shechem, find seven explosive charges in their bags.Gil Ronen, 1/27/2013, 7:41 PM

34 Parties to Run for Knesset

After weeks of wrangling and infighting, all the parties that plan to run for seats in the 19th Knesset have filed lists.David Lev, 12/6/2012, 11:36 PM

Terrorists Nabbed With Pipe Bombs in Samaria

Security forces in northern Samaria arrested two Arabs from PA enclaves carrying explosives and other weapons – yet again.Gabe Kahn, 5/15/2012, 10:51 PM

Three Israeli Girls Accused in Rock Attacks on Arab Motorists

Three young Israeli women are being held on suspicion of attacking Arab motorists near the Tapuach junction in Samaria Tuesday.Chana Ya'ar, 9/21/2011, 1:02 PM

IDF Catches Explosives on Arab at Tapuach Junction

Border Police officers find five pipe bombs and three Molotov cocktails among the possessions of a PA Arab at Tapuach Junction.Elad Benari, 3/9/2011, 5:15 AM

PA Arabs Upset Over Chanukah Menorahs

Arabs are unhappy with the fact that Jews have put up oversized Chanukah menorahs throughout Judea and Samaria, to celebrate Chanukah.Gil Ronen, 12/1/2010, 7:12 PM

Car Accident or Terror Attack: Collision in Samaria

Another possible vehicular terror attack was attempted Thursday night in the same Samaria spot where Rabbi Meir Chai was murdered just weeks ago.Hana Levi Julian, 2/12/2010, 11:45 AM