Israeli Arab sentenced to 38 months' prison for lynch attempt

Mohammed Haj Yahyia threw fireworks into an Israeli Jew's car near Taibe in November 2014 - just because he was Jewish.Ido Ben-Porat, 12/15/2015, 2:14 PM

'You Saved My Life': Lynching Survivor Meets, Thanks Rescuer

Lynching victim returns to Taibe to thank Israeli Arab rescuer - who reassures him that 'we are all one.'Tova Dvorin, 11/11/2014, 6:49 PM

Arrests End Manhunt for Terrorist Infiltrator in Coastal Region

Security forces arrest two and lift infiltration warning after Samaria terrorists reported in Tel Aviv or Netanya area.Benny Moshe, Ari Yashar, 9/2/2014, 12:20 PM

Liberman Denies Leftward U-Turn

'At my advanced age, my tone may have changed a little,' admits foreign minister.Gil Ronen, 2/15/2014, 7:05 PM

Israeli Arab Sentenced to Prison for Joining Al Qaeda in Syria

Taibe resident Abdel Qader Altlitha sentenced to 15-month prison sentence for joining Al-Nusra Front in Syria.Tova Dvorin, 2/10/2014, 10:56 PM

Indictment: Terror Suspect 'Bombed Bus, Then Went to Work'

The day after his 18th birthday, a terror suspect allegedly detonated a bomb he planted on a bus in Tel Aviv, and then went to work.Chana Ya'ar, 12/19/2012, 1:14 PM

Israeli Security Tracks Down Tel Aviv Bus Bomber Terror Cell

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), IDF and police have uncovered the terror cell that bombed a Tel Aviv bus in late November.Chana Ya'ar, 12/19/2012, 11:10 AM

Tibi: Ramon in Taibe in Exchange for Arafat in Netanya

MK Tibi: Willing to name a new aerospace center in Taibe after Ilan Ramon, if Netanya names its city hall after Arafat.Elad Benari, 6/29/2012, 5:16 AM