Hundreds attend 'call to action' against missionary activity

Some 350 haredi yeshiva students from the south of the country participate in "call to action" conference organized by Yad L'Achim.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/3/2019, 4:19 PM

Missionary conference to be held in Haifa convention center

Conference by missionary cult to go ahead thanks to court order: 'How can court side with those who want to consume the Jewish people?'Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/28/2019, 6:32 PM

Tel Aviv: We'll keep missionary material from 'street libraries'

Tel Aviv municipality emphasizes it will prevent infiltration of missionary ads into its outdoor 'street libraries'.Michal Levy, 1/17/2019, 2:29 PM

True identity of 'Rabbi who converted to Christianity' revealed

Anti-missionary organization publishes journal for Jews misled by Christian missionary sects.Mordechai Sones, 9/12/2017, 10:37 PM

British mayoral candidate apologizes for burning New Testament

Orthodox candidate for mayor burns copy of Christian Bible left in Synagogue by missionary group.JTA, 4/16/2017, 5:56 PM

Missionaries erect stall in central Tel Aviv

In the last few weeks, missionary activists set up a stall in central Tel Aviv, where they have issued Christian materials to passersby.Aviad Even Chen, 10/10/2016, 6:14 PM

Activists warn of missionary invasion in Petah Tikva

Organization, apparently an Israeli branch of 'Jews for Jesus,' targeting Jews in new leafleting campaign.Netanel Katz, 5/17/2016, 5:27 PM

Jews who don't know they are Jews

The parents were murdered in the death pits and gas chambers. The children survived, only to be raised as Christians.Rabbi Shmuel LIfschitz, 5/17/2016, 4:09 PM

'Vatican's call not to convert Jews won't change anything'

Anti-missionary group says nothing new in Catholic declaration that Jews don't need Jesus, largely because of who's missionizing.Nitsan Keidar, 12/11/2015, 7:47 AM

Hanukkah today: The battle against assimilation

Interview: Rabbi says missionaries in Israel perpetuate the problem of the Hellenists, offering alternatives to spirituality.Shimon Cohen, 12/8/2015, 7:57 AM

IDF bans soldiers from taking part in missionary events

Counter-missionary group scores major victory, as army issues new guidelines banning participation in Christian missionary events.Ari Soffer, 10/22/2015, 1:09 PM

Escalation? Major Missionary Event Scheduled for Jerusalem

After Raanana baptism, missionary groups upping their campaign to convert Jews with mega-event in southern Jerusalem.Hillel Fendel, 5/7/2015, 4:34 PM

'Stop the Missionary Conversion of Jews in Jerusalem'

Councilman King calls on city council to follow Raanana's lead and block mass missionary event at municipality owned site.Shimon Cohen, Ari Yashar, 4/20/2015, 10:32 AM

Baptism Ceremony in Jewish Town Canceled at Last Minute

Residents, officials, chief rabbi and Yad L'Achim succeed in blocking missionary baptism of Jews, after it was already thwarted once.Hillel Fendel, 4/17/2015, 1:48 PM

Anger Over Jerusalem Stadium's Hosting Major Missionary Events

A large Jerusalem sports stadium is set to be used for two major missionary-sponsored events in the coming months.Moshe Cohen, 3/26/2015, 10:56 AM

Religious Parties Pressed to Pass Anti-Missionary Law

Yad L'Achim demands religious parties fight rising tide of missionary activity, noting its bill on the subject has been in limbo for years.Ari Yashar, 3/24/2015, 6:37 PM

Missionaries Taking Advantage of Election to Convert Jews

Yad L'Achim says Messianic Jews have arrived in Israel to distribute missionary material in the guise of campaign brochures.Gil Ronen, 2/18/2015, 10:55 AM

Yad L'achim Breaks Up Missionary 'Attack' in Central TA

Quick action by Yad L'achim activists broke up an attempt to recruit Jews to missionary-sponsored religious cults in the heart of Tel Aviv.Yaakov Levi, 11/27/2014, 1:48 PM

Encouraging Missionaries to Return to Judaism

Anti-assimilation org distributes Issue #3 of its magazine, featuring an ex-missionary who returned to Judaism after reading Issue #1.Hillel Fendel, 9/23/2014, 2:13 AM

Rabbis: Stay Away from Jewish-Christian Group's Money

The Binyamin Region Rabbinical Council instructed schools in the region to reject program funding from a Jewish-Christian group of donorsYaakov Levi, 5/8/2014, 11:12 AM

Missionary Group Slammed for 'Cynical' Use of Holocaust Imagery

Anti-Defamation League condemns Jews For Jesus for 'cynical abuse of the Holocaust' over video portraying Jesus at Auschwitz.Ari Soffer, 4/24/2014, 12:44 PM

Muslim 'Missionary Center' Continues to Target Jewish Teens

Muslim group in northern Israel is actively converting Israelis, especially teenage girls, to Islam.David Lev, 1/6/2014, 5:31 PM

Yad L'achim: Beware Missionary Threat in Southern Israel

Christian missionaries have in recent weeks begun targeting cities in southern Israel, activists for the Yad L'achim organization said.David Lev, 11/24/2013, 6:57 PM

Yad L'Achim Counters Russian-Speaking Missionaries

Counter-missionary group steps up activity among Russian-speaking Jews.Maayana Miskin, 10/30/2013, 3:14 AM

New 'Weapon' for Missionaries: 'Christian Prayer Shawl'

Christian missionaries have found a new, wily way to spread their beliefs to innocent Jews who have no interest in ChristianityDavid Lev, 12/11/2012, 9:02 PM

Ben-Ari Unapologetic: I Stood Up for the People of Israel

MK Ben-Ari does not regret ripping Christian Bible, and criticizes Rivlin and the ADL for their silence on similar issues. Maayana Miskin, 7/18/2012, 1:48 PM

Ben-Ari Criticized for Ripping Christian Bible

The Anti-Defamation League slams MK who ripped pages from Christian Bible sent to his Knesset office.Maayana Miskin, 7/18/2012, 12:08 PM

Christians Flood Knesset with ‘New Judaism’

Knesset Members are furious after finding in their mail boxes what many called missionary propaganda promoting the New Testament.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 7/16/2012, 4:35 PM

Missionary Radio Ad Blocked by Yad L'Achim

A seemingly innocuous radio ad aimed at people in emotional distress turned out to be a targeted Christian missionary campaign. Hana Levi Julian, 6/5/2012, 2:18 AM