Facebook suspends Likud election bot, accuses it of hate speech

Facebook accuses Likud of 'hate speech' with automated election post claiming Arabs 'want to destroy us'.AFP, 9/12/2019, 3:24 PM

Facebook's terror-promoting partnership with Fatah

Palestinian Media Watch's new report finds that "Facebook has chosen to be Fatah’s willing partner in 2019.”Palestinian Media Watch , 9/10/2019, 5:53 PM

Trump admin reinstates official wrongly accused of anti-Semitism

Senior Labor Department adviser Leif Olson forced out after being accused of anti-Semitism - for Facebook post mocking anti-Semitism.Sam Sokol, JTA, 9/6/2019, 7:19 AM

Today: Launch of West Bank Jewish Population Stats FB page

Bet El Institutions is launching the parallel FB page to their well-established curated email newsletter, West Bank Stats.Sharona Cohen, 8/19/2019, 9:18 PM

Calls to murder police officer who killed terrorist last week

Zionist organization notifies police after Facebook users call to murder police officer who eliminated Temple Mount terrorist.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/19/2019, 12:54 PM

Facebook to 'minimize potential harm' during Israeli elections

Facebook says it is taking measures to "fact-check" content and minimize "potential harm" during Israel's election period.AFP, 8/14/2019, 11:00 PM

Age your photos - and compromise your privacy?

Have you used FaceApp? Made by Russian developers, members of Congress say the app could be a national security threat.NPR, 7/26/2019, 6:28 PM

Facebook slapped with highest fine in history

Facebook will pay a $5 billion fine for privacy violations, reports say. Critics: 'This isn't a fine, it's a favor to Facebook.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/13/2019, 9:48 PM

Meet the Pro Israeli man targeted as a ‘social media’ enemy

Alan Silver, a man with pro-Israel and conservative views, has been suspended or banned from Facebook over and over. Is this fair?Israel News Talk Radio, 7/10/2019, 10:58 PM

Jewish charity targeted by online harassment campaign

Arab users targeting Israeli Jewish charity succeed in forcing closure of charity's Facebook page for phony 'abuse' reports.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/24/2019, 11:13 AM

Facebook stocks drop following email leak

Facebook INC uncovers emails showing CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have been involved in controversial privacy practices.Gary Willig, 6/12/2019, 8:23 PM

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg to visit Israel

Sheryl Sandberg, one of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley, will be visiting Israel on a family trip.Sara Rubenstein, 6/2/2019, 4:17 PM

Facebook bans black conservative activist Candace Owens

Facebook claims temporary block was a 'mistake,' but adds conservative activist to list of possible 'hate agents.'Chana Roberts, 5/18/2019, 10:52 PM

Facebook bans Israeli firm over fake election posts

Facebook takes down hundreds of accounts linked to 'coordinated inauthentic behavior.'AFP, 5/17/2019, 12:21 PM

Israeli study: Facebook can cause depression

Facebook lowers self-esteem, new study finds, such that 15 minutes of surfing is enough to increase chances of depression.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/14/2019, 8:21 AM

Farrakhan talks of 'Satanic Jews' at Catholic church address

Denying accusations of anti-Semitism, Nation of Islam leader says he distinguishes between 'good Jews' and 'Satanic Jews'.David Rosenberg, 5/10/2019, 12:47 PM

National Library seeks to identify IDF soldiers in old photos

National Library of Israel, in a special collaboration with Facebook Israel, calls on Israelis to identify and tag family members in photos.Marcy Oster/JTA, 5/8/2019, 5:35 PM

Trump’s homage to Lenny Bruce

Trump is a funny guy, if only they would give him the chance, which they won’t; their loss, and our loss. Jack Engelhard, 5/5/2019, 7:38 AM

Facebook will still allow users to deny the Holocaust

Facebook allows users to 'say things on Facebook that are wrong or inaccurate, even when they are offensive.'Ben Sales/JTA, 5/4/2019, 11:36 PM

Facebook bans anti-Semites

Facebook is banning anti-Semites like David Duke, Louis Farrakhan and Alex Jones, as well as some of their fan pages.Ben Sales, JTA, 5/3/2019, 7:32 AM

It begins with censorship

There is a difference – and this is important – there is a difference between freedom to speak and freedom to talk back. Freedom to talk back is strictly policed - and if you think differently than they think you should, your words are terminated. Jack Engelhard, 4/24/2019, 3:30 PM

Cafe owner apologizes for anti-Semitic Facebook post

New Mexico cafe owner apologizes, closes shop, after backlash over anti-Semitic Facebook post.Marcy Oster, JTA, 4/19/2019, 11:11 AM

US man charged over plot to commit mass shooting against Jews

Washington state man charged with two felonies for posting plans on Facebook to commit a mass shooting against Jewish targets.Ben Ariel, 4/9/2019, 1:41 AM

Who is really behind anti-Likud 'bots' report?

Amid push back against report of alleged Likud online smear campaign, some have cited report's ties to left-wing US group. Is it fake news?David Rosenberg, 4/1/2019, 2:47 PM

Facebook, Instagram to ban white nationalist posts

Social media outlets expand ban on white supremacists to include white nationalist and white separatist groups and comments.Ben Sales, JTA, 3/28/2019, 3:44 PM

Facebook staff had access to hundreds of millions of passwords

Facebook reveals it did not properly mask the passwords of hundreds of millions of its users, leading to them being accessible by its staff.Ben Ariel, 3/22/2019, 3:05 AM

Facebook vows transparency in Israeli election ads

Facebook rolls out tool in Israel to indicate who paid for election advertisements.Marcy Oster, JTA, 3/19/2019, 9:26 AM

Facebook experiences outages around the world

Users around the world, especially in Western Europe and the United States, report problems signing in and uploading posts.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/14/2019, 12:27 AM

Dear Leftists, you bring war and bloodshed

Yair Netanyahu, son of the Prime Minister, publishes post on Facebook comparing security situation during Left regime with past ten years.Yair Netanyahu, 3/11/2019, 6:27 PM

Zuckerberg: On the way to change or another marketing trick?

Facebook promises to put privacy first, but is it too late?NPR, 3/8/2019, 3:12 PM

Facebook blocks Otzma Yehudit

Social network blocks official page of right-wing Otzma Yehudit party. Party to ask election committee chairman to intervene.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/13/2019, 4:37 PM

Facebook removes Hosen LeYisrael's post

Benny Gantz's party called on the public to harass Likud candidates and published their phone numbers. Post removed due to rule violations.Ben Ariel, 2/13/2019, 3:45 AM

Facebook live from Erez Crossing

IDF Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration head broadcasts live from Erez crossing answering questions from Gaza web-surfers.Mordechai Sones, 2/11/2019, 8:33 PM

Israelis are the top users of social media in the world

Pew study shows Israeli adults have highest level of social media use in the world, with 77% of adults connected.Marcy Oster, JTA, 2/8/2019, 7:53 AM

Facebook removes hundreds of Iranian accounts

Nearly 800 fake accounts created in Iran to spread anti-Israel messages around the world removed from Facebook.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/31/2019, 11:17 PM

Whatsapp, Instagram and FB Messenger to integrate by 2020

Mark Zuckerberg seeks to integrate Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, with end-to-end encryption.Arutz Sheva, 1/25/2019, 4:16 PM

The automated speech police

Teaching computers to weed out online hate speech is a terrible idea.Dr. Paula Boddington, 1/25/2019, 2:59 PM

Is the '10-year challenge' a Facebook ploy?

Is Facebook pushing the meme as a way to improve its facial recognition capabilities?Guy Cohen, 1/22/2019, 10:55 AM

How worried should you be about Facebook and cyber warfare?

How lawmakers are responding, and what can be done about vulnerability to ongoing cyberattacks?Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/1/2019, 8:36 PM

NGOs call to purge Zuckerberg for 'weaponizing anti-Semitism'

32 NGOs, led by prominent left-wing groups, call on Facebook to purge Mark Zuckerberg from board - over attacks on billionaire George Soros.AFP, Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/19/2018, 8:49 AM

Facebook blocks Yair Netanyahu after he calls for revenge

Facebook blocks account of Yair Netanyahu after he shares content banned by platform calling to avenge murders of Israelis by Muslims.Marcy Oster - JTA, 12/18/2018, 5:52 PM

Yair Netanyahu: There will never be peace with 'Palestinians'

Prime Minister's son temporarily banned from Facebook for criticizing social media giant after hoping terrorists are brought to justice.David Rosenberg, 12/16/2018, 8:15 PM

Facebook HQ evacuated over bomb threat

Buildings on Facebook main California campus temporarily evacuated because of bomb threat.Mordechai Sones, 12/12/2018, 11:52 AM

Facebook censoring criticism of Airbnb's anti-Israel ban?

Musical duo says Facebook removed song criticizing Airbnb for banning Israeli towns - just as song was going viral.David Rosenberg, 11/25/2018, 6:49 PM

Zuckerberg, hummus and Tel Aviv

Facebook CEO joins the "Secret Tel Aviv" group which has over 220,000 members.Reut Hadar, 11/14/2018, 5:29 AM

Israeli sentenced to 6 months for anti-Arab Facebook post

Israeli man who advocated anti-Arab violence on Facebook following murder of 3 Israeli teens in 2014 sentenced to half a year in prison.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/8/2018, 5:42 PM

French students accused of ranking Jewish classmates on FB

University students in France listed and ranked Jewish classmates according to level of affiliation as string of anti-Semitic jokes online.JTA, 10/30/2018, 5:14 PM

Facebook removes anti-Semitic Farrakhan video

Video from speech by Nation of Islam leader comparing Jews to termites removed Facebook.JTA, 10/21/2018, 10:59 PM

Facebook executive Joel Kaplan under fire for backing Kavanaugh

Facebook convenes meeting after hundreds of staffers excoriate colleague for supporting SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.JTA, 10/6/2018, 11:05 PM

EU investigates cyberattack on Facebook

Irish Data Protection Commissioner launches investigation into massive cyberattack on Faceook that was disclosed last week.Ben Ariel, 10/4/2018, 2:34 AM

Facebook discovers security breach

Facebook announces it recently discovered a security breach affecting nearly 50 million user accounts.Ben Ariel, Canada, 9/28/2018, 8:44 PM

Instagram founders stepping down

Instagram founders step down due to tensions with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, reports say.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/26/2018, 3:28 PM

How I was rejected by Facebook - and won

A little experiment exposed that a mere mortal is hiding behind the Facebook curtain and censoring at will. Here's a foolproof way to get around him.Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 9/13/2018, 3:57 PM

Friends, foes and algorithms

Facebook’s fair-weather “friends” - those who are not algorithms. Jack Engelhard, 9/12/2018, 12:07 PM

Watch: Mark Zuckerberg blows shofar for Rosh Hashanah

Facebook CEO posts video of self blowing shofar, generating thousands of likes.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/12/2018, 10:02 AM

Tel Aviv's Facebook page hacked

Speculation swirls after Tel Aviv municipality's page hacked by a third-grader.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/13/2018, 2:14 PM

Poet who incited to violence sentenced to prison

Nazareth court slaps Arab poet who incited to violence with five months in prison.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/31/2018, 12:34 PM