'Need proof terrorists' families support terror? This is it'

Im Tirtzu Chairman Peleg responds to Supreme Court incident which included terrorists' families attacking victims' bereaved families.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/18/2018, 11:30 AM

Supreme Court approves return of terrorist bodies

Judges rule decision to return bodies consistent with cabinet decision and criteria set forth therein, therefore no reason to intervene.Mordechai Sones, 7/9/2018, 4:36 PM

Returning body: 'Festival serving Hamas'

Goldin family demands State ensure return of Gaza fisherman killed by IDF fire not turn into festival that will serve Hamas.Mordechai Sones, 3/7/2018, 1:01 PM

Supreme Court: Delay the return of terrorists' bodies

Supreme Court orders Israel to stop returning bodies of terrorists until an additional hearing on the matter.Nitsan Keidar, 2/20/2018, 2:36 AM

Report: Israel returns bodies of two terrorists

PA sources say Israel returned bodies of two terrorists, including one who murdered three Israelis in Har Adar.Elad Benari, Canada, 2/16/2018, 11:05 PM

PA demands terrorist bodies be returned

PA government calls terrorist bodies amendment 'gross violation of most basic human rights.'Mordechai Sones, 1/29/2018, 8:04 PM

'We will not return bodies of terrorists'

'Government doesn't intend to return bodies of terrorists as long as our citizens & soldier's bodies in their hands. Just will not happen.'Shimon Cohen & Mordechai Sones, 12/18/2017, 4:15 PM

Shaked: Terrorist bodies will not be returned

Justice Minister: Gov't to ask for additional hearing on the matter, after Supreme Court rules bodies cannot be held as bargaining chips.Mordechai Sones, 12/17/2017, 12:31 PM

Israel returns body of teen terrorist

Israeli reportedly returns body of 16-year-old who stabbed soldier in Samaria.Elad Benari, Canada, 6/2/2017, 9:18 PM

Report: Israel returns terrorist's body to PA

PA sources say Israel returned body of terrorist who stabbed three Israelis in Jerusalem.Elad Benari, Canada, 4/21/2017, 11:13 PM

Where are the justice and ethics?

Yossi Tzur, father of Assaf who was murdered in 2003 Haifa attack, responds to government policy of returning murderer's bodies.Mordechai Sones, 4/12/2017, 5:40 PM

Shas MK: Bury terrorist with pig's head

MK Margi calls for body of terrorist to be buried with pig's head as deterrent to future jihadists.Michal Levy, 1/11/2017, 10:48 AM

Israel returns bodies of two terrorists

Israel returns to the PA the bodies of two terrorists who carried out attacks in Hevron.Elad Benari, Canada, 1/6/2017, 10:09 PM

Hamas blasts 'barbaric' Israel

Hamas, which is holding the bodies of IDF soldiers, angry over government's decision not to return the bodies of Hamas terrorists.Ben Ariel, 1/2/2017, 4:05 AM

Israel returns bodies of nine terrorists to the PA

Israel hands over the bodies of nine terrorists killed while carrying out attacks against Israelis.Ben Ariel, Canada, 12/23/2016, 10:36 PM

Israel to hold bodies of Hamas terrorists, return other bodies

Security cabinet decides to return bodies of all Arab terrorists - except for those affiliated with Hamas.Gary Willig, 12/9/2016, 11:48 AM

Israel hands over terrorist's body to PA

In accordance with agreements about burying terrorists quickly, and after receiving guarantee from family, Israel returns terrorist's bodyYoel Domb, 8/30/2016, 9:02 AM

After 5 months, body of Ramot terrorist handed over to family

Despite opposition of Defense Minister, Israel returns body of terrorist involved in shooting attack in Ramot.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/18/2016, 9:25 AM

Report: Israel to return bodies of terrorists

PA media claims Israel will hand over the bodies of terrorists who carried out attacks in the current terror wave. Israel not confirming.Reut Hadar, 8/16/2016, 5:42 AM

Kiryat Arba terrorist's body won't be returned to his family

The body of terrorist Mohammed Tarayra, who murdered Hallel Ariel, will not be given to his family for burial.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/30/2016, 7:38 PM

Israel reportedly returns body of terrorist shot by Elor Azariya

PA-based media reports that Israel had returned the body of Abdel-Fattah al-Sharif, the terrorist who was shot by IDF soldier in Hevron.Ben Ariel, Canada, 5/27/2016, 10:03 PM

Erdan moves to ban transfer of terrorists' bodies - in Jerusalem

Family of terrorist reneges on promise not to turn funeral into advertisement for terrorism.Uzi Baruch, 5/24/2016, 2:51 PM

Despite promises, Israel again returns bodies of terrorists

Bodies of two terrorists involved in stabbing attacks returned to families overnight. Both were residents of the capital.Shimon Cohen, 5/17/2016, 8:33 AM

First terrorist buried after Supreme Court ruling

Following Supreme Court decision to return all terrorist bodies, ignoring deterrence, terrorist gets buried not far from his attack site.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/9/2016, 3:59 PM

Exposed: Terrorist's body return breached Netanyahu's conditions

PM ordered return of terrorist's body same day as attack on condition of modest funeral - instead thousands paraded him with Hamas flags.Ari Yashar, 5/6/2016, 10:42 AM

Wounded soldier's father is 'disappointed' by Netanyahu

Father of 1 of 3 soldiers wounded in attack Tuesday condemns PM for returning terrorist's body; 'I'm disappointed I voted for him.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/4/2016, 12:24 PM

'Netanyahu returned the terrorist's body, he must quit'

Former ally Liberman slams Netanyahu's 'scandalous' conduct in returning terrorist's body mere hours after he ran down soldiers.Ari Yashar, 5/4/2016, 8:48 AM

Israel returns body of car ramming terrorist

Political echelon approves return of body of terrorist who injured three IDF soldiers near the town of Dolev.Elad Benari, 5/3/2016, 11:45 PM

How did the IDF 'accidentally' return a terrorist's body?

IDF Operations Chief and COS lead investigation into mistake, which directly contradicted Netanyahu's orders.Koby Finkler, 4/19/2016, 6:14 PM

Netanyahu orders not to return terrorists' bodies

PM orders Defense Minister Ya'alon to stop returning bodies, in apparent move towards Internal Security Minister's position.Nitsan Keidar, 3/28/2016, 9:19 PM

Israel returns the bodies of Eli terrorists

Israel returns the bodies of two 17-year-olds who attacked Roi Harel in the community of Eli.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/3/2016, 12:13 AM

Terrorist's body returned after week delay

Police deliver the first body of ten Arab terrorists responsible for attacks in the recent wave of terror, but under strict conditions.Shoshana Miskin, 2/15/2016, 7:59 AM

Israel delays return of Jerusalem terrorists' bodies

Hours before return of first of ten terrorists, Israel Police announce delivery of Jerusalem stabber to be postponed until Tuesday.Cynthia Blank, 2/8/2016, 10:54 PM

Arab MKs win: Terrorists' bodies to be returned for burial

After Balad MKs meet families of Jerusalem terrorists and promise return of bodies, government concedes to the demand.Ari Yashar, 2/8/2016, 11:22 AM

Arab watched terrorist bodies returned on TV, went out to stab

Indictment on 16-year-old - whose stabbing attempt in Jerusalem miraculously failed as knife bent - indicates govt policy played a role.Orli Harari, 1/13/2016, 3:06 PM

Jews get caught in Arab terror funeral motorocade

Right before Shabbat, Jewish drivers get stuck in traffic near Hevron as IDF returns terrorists' bodies, causing mass honor parade.Orli Harari, 1/3/2016, 3:38 PM

Israel returns 23 more bodies of terrorists to PA

Israel continues to return bodies of terrorists to the PA, even as the terror wave continues.Ben Ariel, Canada, 1/1/2016, 9:26 PM

Once again, Israel returns the bodies of terrorists to PA

Eight bodies of Arab terrorists who carried out recent attacks returned to PA, in further breach of security cabinet decisions.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/31/2015, 8:27 PM

Watch: Ya'alon's conditions breached at car terrorist funeral

Ya'alon's 'modest' funeral condition for terrorist body return proves false as thousands lionize terrorist who critically wounded officer.Ari Yashar, 11/5/2015, 3:39 PM

Watch: Body of today's terrorist returned already

Israel loses no time returning body of Hevron terrorist who critically wounded officer with his car, in further breach of Cabinet decision.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/4/2015, 10:29 PM

Abbas orders military funerals for terrorists

Following Saturday funeral for terrorists' bodies returned by Israel, PA head orders grants to terror families, allows Hamas flags.Ari Yashar, 11/2/2015, 10:52 AM

Hamas: The intifada has killed the Balfour Declaration

Hamas paper praises mass funeral for terrorists in Hevron, says city declared 'this is Arab land, there will be no Jewish homeland.'Dalit Halevy, 11/2/2015, 10:23 AM

PA funeral of honor for terrorists' bodies returned by Israel

Five bodies returned in breach of Cabinet decision; Liberman: 'this is ransom pay.' Zionist Camp: hypocritical 'govt. is weak.'Hezki Baruch, 10/31/2015, 9:47 PM

Report: Israel Refuses to Return Har Nof Terrorists' Bodies

State allegedly holding on to bodies to deter future attacks; even if they are buried, families to be banned from holding funeral.Ido Ben-Porat, Tova Dvorin, 11/19/2014, 11:02 PM

Israel Returns Body of Sbarro Terrorist to PA

Israel transfers bodies of four terrorists, including suicide bomber from 2001 attack in the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem.Dalit Halevi, 4/30/2014, 1:13 AM

In France, Muslims are Freedom Fighters, Jews are Nazis

This is how history is skewed and the present is falsified. Giulio Meotti, 3/5/2014, 10:13 AM

Abbas Rep. at Terror Funeral Praises 'Heroic Martyr'

Hero's funeral held by PA for returned body of terrorist who killed five including two children, Abbas sends his praise.Ari Yashar, 3/4/2014, 10:21 PM

Israel Transfers 36 Terrorist Bodies to the PA

Israel begins transferring the bodies of 36 terrorists for reburial in the PA, in accordance with a Supreme Court ruling.Elad Benari, 1/20/2014, 2:14 AM

New Housing to Accompany Terrorist Release

Once again, government to sweeten bitter pill of prisoner release with announcement of new construction.Arutz Sheva, 10/24/2013, 9:39 PM

In Another 'Gesture,' Israel Releases Terrorists' Bodies to PA

Israel released the bodies of 91 terrorists to the Palestinian Authority early Thursday morning, but refused to release their identities.David Lev, 5/31/2012, 9:07 AM

'Glorification' Expected after PA Gets 91 Terrorists' Bodies

Israel agrees to return 91 bodies of terrorists to the Palestinian Authority, which usually uses them to glorify suicide bombings.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 5/30/2012, 7:43 AM