Flights to Uman Filling Up

Preparations underway for annual pilgrimage to Uman.Elad Benari, 8/26/2010, 5:05 AM

Israeli Firefighters Hose Down Arabs, Iranians

Zion's fire crews gain gold at World Firefighters' Games, much to the chagrin of Arabs, Iranians. “We could see the envy in their eyes,” they say.Gil Ronen, 8/25/2010, 9:25 PM

Israeli Researchers: A Precision Bomb for Cancer Cells

Tel Aviv Univ develops a molecular "smart bomb" that can lead to more effective and safer chemotherapy for those suffering from the dread disease.Baruch Gordon, 8/25/2010, 2:39 AM

Texas Party for Israel Draws Thousands Despite Heat

A party in celebration of Israel drew several thousand participants in Dallas, Texas despite scorching heat.Maayana Miskin, 8/24/2010, 11:41 AM

Israeli Wins 'Nobel' of Math, the Fields Medal

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Professor Elon Lindenstrauss is first Israeli to win highest global math honor, the 2010 Fields Medal.Chana Ya'ar, 8/20/2010, 7:48 AM

Meet Today's New Nefesh B'Nefesh Immigrants

Nefesh B'Nefesh official Dudy Starck speaks with some of the new immigrants who arrived Thursday on the last summer flight from North America.Israel National News Staff, 8/19/2010, 7:27 PM

El Al Airlines Signs Deal with JetBlue

Passengers flying on El Al Airlines will be able to expand their horizons in October due to an agreement the airline has signed with JetBlue. Chana Ya'ar, 8/18/2010, 11:00 AM

Central Israel Oil Discovery: 1.5 Billion Barrels

Move over Iran. Estimates of the amount of oil in the Rosh HaAyin discovery rise to 1.5 billion barrels, and there is more off-shore.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 8/17/2010, 11:42 AM

Canadian Donates Millions to Israel for ‘Smart Classes’

A Canadian Jewish philanthropist’s gift of more than $4 million enables children in the north and south to learn in “smart classrooms.” Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 8/17/2010, 9:52 AM

Rabbi Brings US Jews Closer to Israel

American rabbi who served in IDF recently completed a speaking tour in East Coast Chabad synagogues.Elad Benari, 8/17/2010, 5:29 AM

234 New Olim: Meet the New Immigrants

NBN's Dudy Starck speaks with new Olim after landing in Israel. Israeli singer Kleinstein sings and remembers being an immigrant from the U.S.Yoni Kempinski, 8/3/2010, 8:30 PM

Disabled Kids and Volunteers Sum-Up a Week of Love and Happiness

ILAN, the association for disabled children, is holding summer camps for the ILAN kids throughout Israel. The largest was held in Karnei ShomronYoni Kempinski, 7/29/2010, 6:58 PM

Philistine Temple Ruins Uncovered in Goliath's Hometown

Bar Ilan University archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a Philistine temple in the ancient city of Gath, home of the Biblical Goliath.Hana Levi Julian, 7/29/2010, 1:42 PM

Israelis and Parents More at Ease Than Americans

Israelis have a smoother relationship with their parents than do adults in the United States, a new study has found.Hana Levi Julian, 7/28/2010, 4:12 PM

Study: Body Mass at Age 17 Predicts Hypertension

In a major study, Ben Gurion University researchers identify risks of hypertension in young adults. Body mass at age 17 found to be a factor.INN Staff courtesty of Ben Gurion University, 7/28/2010, 10:49 AM

Sniffing Device Helps Paralyzed Patients Speak with Loved Ones

New device from Weizmann Institute enables quadriplegics to steer wheelchairs and communicate with their families by sniffing. INN Staff, courtesy of Weizmann Institute, 7/27/2010, 3:31 PM

Gallup Poll Suggests: ‘Move to Israel and Be Happy’

Israelis are among the happiest people in the world, according to a new Gallup Poll published this week by Forbes magazine. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 7/27/2010, 12:17 PM

Therapeutic Summer Camp for Katif Children

B'nai Brith and the Koby Mandell Foundation get together to send children who were expelled from Gush Katif to summer camp.Maayana Miskin, 7/27/2010, 7:10 AM

5th Annual Fair Honoring Special-Ed Kids Center in Gush Etzion

Shalva-Gush Etzion for children with special needs held its annual fair, in which local residents expressed their support and love.Yoni Kempinski, 7/22/2010, 7:57 PM

Gush Etzion Foresees 50 Percent Growth Rate

The Etzion bloc of communities - population 60,000, predicted to grow to 90,000 by 2020 - has been making news. Hillel Fendel, 7/21/2010, 11:30 AM

Soldiers and Special-Ed Children Cooperate to Create Art

A ceremony at Gush Etzion junction’s "warm place for soldiers" featured a mosaic created by soldiers and SHALVA children with special needs. Yoni Kempinski, 7/11/2010, 1:39 PM

‘Up, Up and Away’ for North American Jews

American and Canadian Jews resume their annual one-way trek to Israel, with 232 new immigrants arriving Wednesday morning.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 7/7/2010, 1:24 PM

'Son of Hamas' Mosab Hassan Yousef Granted Asylum in U.S.

The son of a Hamas mastermind, who helped Israel capture terrorists and prevent attacks, has finally been granted political asylum in the U.S.Malkah Fleisher, 6/30/2010, 10:02 PM

US Journal: Israel One of World's Top Spots for Science Research

A magazine for science researchers has named two Israeli universities among the top ten best workplaces for scientific researchers in the world.Malkah Fleisher, 6/30/2010, 7:13 AM

TAU Works on Computer Chip Implant to Treat the Brain

Tel Aviv University is working on a project to implant a computer chip into the brain to treat conditions like depression and Parkinson's disease.Hana Levi Julian, 6/29/2010, 2:23 PM

Mumbai Chabad House to Receive New Directors

A young Israeli couple will become the new emissaries to head the Mumbai Chabad House, bereft of its directors in a November 2008 terror attack.Hana Levi Julian, 6/17/2010, 12:56 PM

Festival of Light Contrasts Ancient City, Modern Innovation

Israel's capital 'City of Gold' was bathed in dazzling light this week during the 2nd annual Jerusalem Festival of Light.Malkah Fleisher, 6/15/2010, 9:55 PM

Israeli Software Designers Simulate Sight Issues for Microsoft

Software designers at the Microsoft lab in Israel have created software to simulate various vision impairments.Hana Levi Julian, 6/15/2010, 4:52 PM

Hungarian City Supports Israel Against Flotilla

An official Hungarian delegation brings a petition in support of Israel's counter-terror policy, and the right to defend its citizens.Malkah Fleisher, 6/8/2010, 10:45 PM

TAU Scientists: Stopping the Spread of Cancer Cells

Researchers at Tel Aviv Universities are on track to finding a way to stop cancer cells from multiplying and spreading.Hana Levi Julian, 6/8/2010, 5:02 PM

Thousands Celebrate Yesha Settlement Enterprise

Show of strength: 7,000 people took part in 30th anniversary celebrations for the Samaria Regional Council.Hillel Fendel, 6/3/2010, 7:24 PM

Yaakov Shwekey Performs with Soldiers in Efrat

Yaakov Shwekey's performance to more than 4,000 strong audience became a solidarity evening for IDF and Israel. Soldiers joined singer on stage.Yoni Kempinski and Rachel Sylvetsky, 6/3/2010, 5:05 PM

Israel's Unemployment Rate Drops - Again

Israel's unemployment rate drops for the third quarter in a row.Malkah Fleisher, 6/2/2010, 6:48 AM

New Academy to Woo, Pamper Star Scholars

In a bid to entice bright scholars back to Israel, one generous couple will build an institute dedicated to nurturing post-doctoral fellows.Malkah Fleisher, 6/2/2010, 6:46 AM

'Big Sky Country' Trade Delegates Visit Small State of Israel

A trade delegation from Montana is visiting Israel to close sales deals and open new relationships.Hana Levi Julian, 5/30/2010, 11:08 AM

High School Students Renovate Tombs on Mount of Olives

A group of 12th graders are fixing tombs on the Mount of Olives. In the process, they are discovering their own roots.Yoni Kempinsky and Malkah Fleisher, 5/25/2010, 10:23 PM

Jack and the Protein Beanstalk

A plant scientist at Tel Aviv University has found a way to control plant growth hormone --and hopefully lead to increased biofuel production. Hana Levi Julian, 5/23/2010, 2:44 PM

New Desalination Plants Water the Desert

President Peres raised a cup of water to toast the world’s largest desalination plant in Hadera that will add 10 percent to Israel’s water supply.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 5/18/2010, 1:02 PM

Jerusalem Day Flag Dance in Negev

Jerusalem Unification Day is being celebrated not only in the capital but also in the Negev city of Arad. INN TV was there.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , 5/12/2010, 1:04 PM

"Complete Unity" Concert to Showcase Yeshiva Talent

Known performers will join yeshiva students for the "Complete Unity" Concert, which will benefit two locals charities and showcase new talent.INN Staff, 5/4/2010, 7:36 AM

Global Bio-Med Conference Comes to Israel

Leading international bio-medical experts will be presenting their findings at a conference in Jerusalem, with an eye toward personalized cures.Malkah Fleisher, 5/1/2010, 10:35 PM

New York Graffiti Artists 'Bombing' Shelters with Solidarity

Artists 4 Israel has organized some of New York's most talented graffiti artists to show solidarity with Israel by painting Sderot bomb shelters.Avi Yellin, 4/27/2010, 6:57 AM

Jobless Rate Shows Recovery

Israel's unemployment rate shows recovery from financial crisis, analysts say. Jobless rate continues to drop.Maayana Miskin, 4/26/2010, 4:59 PM

New Israeli Drug for Alzheimer's Disease in Advanced Trials

A new medication designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease and improve its psychological symptoms is entering advanced trials.Hana Levi Julian, 4/21/2010, 4:12 PM

Israel Exports Up 11,250 Times Since First Independence Day

The Jewish state's exports have multiplied 11,250 times since independence, according to a report by the Israel Export and Cooperation Institute.Malkah Fleisher, 4/20/2010, 10:59 PM

Immigrant Rabbi: My 1st Independence Day as an Israeli

Rabbi Shimshon Nadel made immigrated to Israel last summer and is now celebrating Israel's Independence Day for the first time ever as an IsraeliYoni Kempinski, 4/20/2010, 3:46 PM

Happy Birthday to You, Israel 62

Israel’s 62nd birthday began at Mount Herzl ceremony with clear message: Jerusalem is united. (Links to videos on Israel at article end)Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 4/19/2010, 11:37 PM

Paris Honors Ben-Gurion, Mayor Praises Israel

President Peres and Paris Mayor Delanoe dedicated the new Ben Gurion Promenade in Paris, on the banks of the Seine, near the Eiffel Tower.Hillel Fendel, 4/15/2010, 4:28 PM

'King Falafel' Wins US Robot Competition for Israeli Teens

An Israeli high school team from the Upper Galilee has won Connecticut's 17th annual Fire Fighting Home Robot competition.Hana Levi Julian, 4/14/2010, 3:29 PM

March: Largest Influx of Tourists in Israeli History

More visitors came to the Jewish state in March than in any other month in Israeli history.Malkah Fleisher, 4/14/2010, 6:39 AM

Israeli Couple Wins Biggest-Ever Lottery – Four Months Later

A young, unidentified couple checked their old lottery tickets to discover they had won it big –the biggest, in fact.Malkah Fleisher, 4/13/2010, 9:20 PM

Feeling the Love? Israeli Voice Analysis Ware Can Tell

Software by eXaudios that won $1M in prestigious start-up competition can help call-centers, recruiters, insurance companies, law enforcement.Gil Ronen, 4/13/2010, 5:49 PM

US Expert Predicts 'Oil and Gas Rush' to Israel

International firms may enter exploration on Israeli territory. US Geological Survey: 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Levant Basin Gil Ronen, 4/11/2010, 11:22 PM

Israel Exports Greatest Resource--Stone

The Land of Milk and Honey is exporting its greatest natural resource--stone from rocks, to a signature architectural firm in Wisconsin.INN Staff, 4/11/2010, 12:18 PM

Research Dispels Myth that US Jews Are Detached from Israel

Hebrew University researchers found to their surprise that recent polls claiming that more American Jews are detached from Israel are inaccurate.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 4/7/2010, 5:14 PM

Consumer Confidence at 10 Year High, Despite Tension With US

The recent diplomatic spat with the United States has not affected Israeli consumer confidence, which is rising rapidly.Malkah Fleisher, 3/31/2010, 10:08 PM

Wounded Golani Soldier Recovering

A Golani soldier who was critically wounded by Gaza terrorists on his birthday Friday has regained consciousness. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 3/28/2010, 4:46 PM