Paratroopers prepared and ready for next war

After arduous 'War Week' including hours of live-fire exercises in built-up and open areas, paratroopers to receive prestigious Red Beret.Mordechai Sones, Today, 12:40 PM

Law to pressure Palestinian Authority advances

Knesset committee approves first reading of law to deduct terrorists' salaries from money transferred to Palestinian Authority.Hezki Baruch, Today, 12:07 PM

More than 6 mil cubic meters of water stolen in Judea, Samaria

'It isn't surprising there aren't many complaints, because people have simply given up.'Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 10:53 PM

'IDF will bring Hamas terrorists to justice for bomb attack'

DM visits three injured in explosion on Gaza border on Saturday. 'We will give you all the help and support you need.'Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 8:40 PM

Major A. returns to his squadron

Navigator who was injured in incident near Syrian border accompanied by IAF commander in his first flight back.Uzi Baruch, Yesterday, 6:00 AM

Supreme Court: Delay the return of terrorists' bodies

Supreme Court orders Israel to stop returning bodies of terrorists until an additional hearing on the matter.Nitsan Keidar, Yesterday, 2:36 AM

Major General Mordechai threatens Hamas

COGAT head'smessage to Hamas heads: 'Stop violent border disturbances. IDF will take harsher measures.'Mordechai Sones, Monday, 7:51 PM

Analysis: The Iranian Axis strikes in Gaza

The roadside bomb was not the only novelty at the Gaza border Saturday. A coordinated attack on Israel seems to be in the works.Yochanan Visser, Monday, 5:20 PM

Liberman: IDF destroyed Hamas terror tunnel last night

Defense Minister tells Yisrael Beytenu faction members that IDF demolished terror tunnel found near Kerem Shalom crossing to Gaza.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 2:51 PM

'Cancel meeting on IDF efforts to integrate LGBT community'

Liba Yehudit Center slams Knesset discussion on LGBT integration, says IDF should be ensuring operational success.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 1:55 PM

Pipe bomb found in Arab town

IDF finds pipe bomb in Bethlehem, arrest 16 suspected terrorists.Arutz Sheva, Monday, 9:20 AM

Successful test for Arrow 3 system

Defense Ministry and U.S. Missile Defense Agency conduct successful test of Arrow 3 missile interception system.Kobi Finkler, Monday, 6:45 AM

IDF attacks underground infrastructure in Gaza

IDF fighter jets attack underground infrastructure in retaliation for rocket fire on southern Israel.Elad Benari, Monday, 4:54 AM

Arabs steal vehicle, drive through police roadblock

Border Police officers arrest two Arabs who broke through a police roadblock near Huwara.Uzi Baruch, Monday, 2:05 AM

Rocket from Gaza explodes in southern Israel

Terrorists from Gaza fire a rocket toward an open area in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage.Elad Benari, Sunday, 11:20 PM

Injured Israel Air Force pilot released from hospital

Condition of F-16I pilot who was seriously injured during operation over Syria improves, leading to his discharged from Rambam Hospital.David Rosenberg, Sunday, 6:35 PM

Iran's Zarif slams Netanyahu's 'cartoonish circus' drone stunt

'You were audience for cartoonish circus this morning which does not even deserve dignity of response.'Mordechai Sones - AFP, Sunday, 2:52 PM

'End of the theater of the absurd'

Ministerial Committee on Legislation approves bill to withhold terror salaries from PA funds. DM: 'Money will be used to prevent terror.'Mordechai Sones, Sunday, 2:28 PM

'Israel is doing nothing to return Hadar'

Leah Goldin, mother of Lt. Hadar, angry at return of terrorists' bodies minutes before Sabbath. 'The Prime Minister is abandoning soldiers.'Mordechai Sones, Sunday, 1:01 PM

'Not only Iran's proxies, we'll also attack the country itself'

'I have a message to the tyrants of Tehran: Do not test Israel's resolve.'Mordechai Sones - AFP, Sunday, 12:38 PM

Pity the Arabs of Gaza?- Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

Jewish soldiers were just seriously injured in a bomb attack from Gaza. Should Israel have mercy on Gaza?Mordechai Sones, Sunday, 12:30 PM

Terror attack against Defense Minister thwarted

Islamic Jihad terror cell which planned to place bomb on Defense Minister's route arrested.Ido Ben Porat, Sunday, 10:53 AM

Seriously wounded soldier starts breathing on his own

Condition of soldier seriously wounded in Gaza border explosion improves. Hospital says he's regained consciousness, in moderate condition.Mordechai Sones, Sunday, 10:25 AM

IDF now thinks two bombs exploded in Gaza border incident

Reports say IDF now thinks two bombs exploded on Gaza border on Saturday, when 4 soldiers were wounded.Tzvi Lev, Sunday, 9:43 AM

'The incident in the South is not over yet'

Defense Minister says Israel doesn't want escalation in Gaza, but vows to kill terrorists responsible for explosion that wounded 4 soldiers.Tzvi Lev, Sunday, 9:12 AM

IDF attacks additional Hamas targets in Gaza

IDF says it attacked additional Hamas targets in Gaza. Sirens heard in Ashkelon and Sderot were false alarms.Elad Benari, Sunday, 4:20 AM

Israel warns Gaza residents: Wake up, Hamas is using you!

Major General Yoav Mordechai urges Gaza residents 'not to let Hamas lead them to hell,' says attack on IDF soldiers 'sign of cowardice.'Arutz Sheva Staff, Sunday, 12:29 AM

Roadside bomb explodes at Gaza fence, four soldiers injured

Explosives detonate near IDF forces patrolling Gaza border, severely injuring four soldiers.Uzi Baruch, Sunday, 12:02 AM

IDF foils infiltration attempt

IDF forces shoot Gazans attempting to illegally cross into Israel.Ido Ben Porat, Saturday, 11:40 PM

IDF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza

IDF attacks terror tunnel and Hamas-owned military sites.Arutz Sheva Staff, Saturday, 10:10 PM

Report: Israel returns bodies of two terrorists

PA sources say Israel returned bodies of two terrorists, including one who murdered three Israelis in Har Adar.Elad Benari, Canada, Friday, 11:05 PM

IAF: F-16 shoot down was 'operational failure'

Investigation into loss of F-16I during operation over Syria on Saturday suggests pilot could ordinarily have evaded aging S-200 missile.David Rosenberg, Friday, 9:28 AM

'A terrorist who came to slaughter a family shouldn't live'

Dvora Gonen, mother of Danny Gonen who was murdered in a terrorist attack, criticizes punishment handed down to murderer of Salomon family.Benny Tocker, Friday, 4:06 AM

With special recruits, Israeli pilots fly higher

Meet Orly Lahat, a retired F-16 pilot, and his son Omer, a teen with cerebral palsy who today a proud soldier in the IDF.Arutz Sheva Staff, Friday, 2:08 AM

Halamish widow infuriated terrorist did not get death penalty

'I thought this murder shocked the country. Slowly, it dawned on me that they didn't really mean it.'Tzvi Lev, Friday, 12:15 AM

Liberman pushes alternative haredi draft law

Defense Minister Liberman establishes task force dedicated to passing haredi draft law.Tzvi Lev, Thursday, 8:54 PM

Senior IDF officer to be disciplined for hoarding weapons

Brig. Gen. Mordechai Kahane will only face disciplinary charges for keeping AK-47 and pistols in violation of orders.Tzvi Lev, Thursday, 6:44 PM

Four life sentences for murderer of Salomon family in Halamish

Halamish massacre terrorist convicted of three counts of intentional manslaughter, two counts of intentionally causing death.Mordechai Sones, Thursday, 11:06 AM

'The IDF has bounced back - women don't need to join combat'

Head of pre-military academy warns women don't belong in combat, recent lynch attempt in Jenin could have ended differently.Benny Tucker, Thursday, 10:46 AM

Jericho: Soldiers injured from mine explosion

7 soldiers lightly and moderately injured after military vehicle drives over anti-tank mine near PA-controlled city of Jericho.Arutz Sheva Staff, Wednesday, 4:13 PM

'Arutz Sheva portrays me as a feminist, I'm not'

'I'm not interested in attacks from the Right or the Left; only victory in battle concerns me.'Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 2:44 PM

Pipe bombs at Samaria Military Court

For the fifth time in two months, Israeli security forces foil attempt to bring pipe bombs into Samaria's Military Court.Arutz Sheva Staff, Wednesday, 1:24 PM

Latvia purchases Rafael's Spike missile systems

To date, Rafael has sold more than 29,000 Gil missiles to 29 countries.Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 11:18 AM

Rivalry between Hamas, Fatah after Gaza coup

'In the Shalit deal you sent a message to Palestinian society that you understand only force.'Mordechai Sones, 2/13/2018, 7:02 PM

4th time in 2 months: Attack thwarted at Samaria military court

Security forces arrest PA Arab trying to smuggle bomb containing shrapnel into military court, after string of terror attempts at site.Tal Polon, 2/13/2018, 2:38 PM

'This is not the time to bark, but to bite'

Liberman warns terror groups on Israel's northern border, emphasizing Israel is not limited in possibilities of response to provocation.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/13/2018, 11:24 AM

PA returns weapon stolen during Jenin lynch attempt

Palestinian Authority returns M-16 to IDF forces, after two soldiers mistakenly drove into PA-controlled Jenin and were nearly lynched.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/13/2018, 9:04 AM

Mentally ill man forced to cross fence from Lebanon

Mentally unstable man forced by Hezbollah threats to attempt border crossing to test IDF security arrangements.Mordechai Sones, 2/12/2018, 11:43 PM

IDF deploys new security measures near terror-ravaged town

Binyamin Brigade sets afloat observation balloon to protect village and nearby academy. Two rock-throwers caught red-handed.Mordechai Sones, 2/12/2018, 9:01 PM

PA officer suspected in attacks on Israeli security forces

Police arrest PA officer, prosecutor's affidavit ties him to several attacks on security forces with rocks and firebombs.Mordechai Sones, 2/12/2018, 8:04 PM

'They surrounded our car and tried to break in'

Female soldier injured in lynch attempt after accidentally entering Jenin recalls harrowing incident. 'All I could do was scream for help.'David Rosenberg, 2/12/2018, 7:40 PM

'Transferring money to the PA means Israelis will be killed'

Shai Maimon, injured in shooting attack, speaks at Knesset and calls to halt fund transfers to PA.Hezki Baruch - Mordechai Sones, 2/12/2018, 6:36 PM

Hamas operations exposed in Turkey

Shin Bet arrests two terrorists who raised money in Turkey for Hamas, with goal of carrying out attacks against Jews.Mordechai Sones, 2/12/2018, 4:32 PM

IDF vehicle accidentally enters Jenin

PA Arabs attack IDF soldiers who mistakenly enter Jenin, injuring one and stealing a weapon.Uzi Baruch, 2/12/2018, 2:19 PM

Rock attack on Samaria highway

Victim's mother says they were 'lucky' rocks didn't penetrate the vehicle, 'because it would have ended his life.'Gil Ronen, 2/12/2018, 11:38 AM

IAF commander tells wounded pilot he 'made the right decision'

IAF Commander Amikam Norkin praises wounded pilot for deciding to eject, says he 'saved his navigator's life and his own life.'Ido Ben Porat, 2/12/2018, 8:11 AM

Tillerson not planning to stop in Israel during Mideast tour

Secretary of State keeping tabs on situation in northern border but not planning on stopping in Israel during his tour of the Middle East.Elad Benari, 2/12/2018, 5:13 AM