Hamas Sets Up Standing Army in Gaza to Spread Jihad

The Hamas terror organization, which won control of the PA legislature in January elections, is setting up a standing army in Gaza based on its military wing, the Al-Kassam Brigades.

Scott Shiloh , | updated: 8:58 PM

A senior official in the Hamas military, known by his nom de guerre, Abu Huzaifa, told the PA news agency Duniya Alwatan that since the Disengagement from Gaza, the Hamas has set up military bases in every city in Gaza. The bases have been training a new cadre of highly motivated fighters for the Jihad, or holy war against non-Moslems in general and the Jewish state in particular.

Recruits are sent to the camps for four months. The first month consists of basic training, and after that, recruits are taught more advanced military maneuvers.

More specifically, Abu Huzaifa said PA soldiers are taught a number of techniques including firing rifles, shooting Kassam rockets, crawling under fences, and climbing up and down buildings. The instructors are Hamas terrorists who received training abroad.

The goal, he said, was to turn the Al-Kassam Brigades into a full-fledged standing army. That army would be dedicated to eliminating Israel and replacing it with an Arab state ruled by the Hamas.

Abu Huzaifa said that military units were already working on developing more sophisticated rockets and explosive devices to advance the Jihad.

Wary of being targeted by Israel, Hamas terrorists have also set up an intelligence infrastructure to warn of an impending Israeli strike, according to the Duniya Alwatan news agency. Terrorist have been deployed at strategic locations in order to provide advance warning as Israeli fighter jets or helicopters approach the Gaza district.

The Hamas already has a communications system capable of warning thousands of terrorists of an oncoming Israeli air strike, or of the need to deploy fighters on the border with Israel, in the event that Israel decides to send ground forces into Gaza.

Abu Huzaifa warned Israel that it will encounter fierce resistance, should it try to reconquer Gaza from the Hamas.