Kassam Rocket Falls 50 Meters From School

A Kassam rocket fired from Gaza fell 50 meters (54.5 yards) from a school in the area of Mavki’im, south of Ashkelon on Sunday afternoon. Mofaz says terrorists fire rockets to influence elections.

Scott Shiloh , | updated: 5:13 PM

In another incident, a Kassam landed adjacent to a gas station in the Ashkelon area. In both instances, a direct hit on the target could have caused a catastrophe. No damage or casualties were reported in both attacks. Kassams fell in Israeli territory periodically throughout the day.

The IDF’s early warning system against missile attack failed to alert residents of the Kassams.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz attributed Sunday’s Kassam attacks to an effort by terror groups, particularly Islamic Jihad, to influence the general election scheduled for March 28.

“The terror groups intend to carry out attacks in order to influence the results of the Israeli elections,” he said at Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

He said he was ordering the air force and artillery to expand operations for hitting the terrorists before the rockets are fired. Mofaz called his orders “turning up the pressure” on the terrorists.

Mofaz noted that Israel currently faces 70 separate alerts of impending terrorist attacks. Thirteen of those alerts refer to warnings of a specific time and place for an attack.