Terrorist War Round-Up

Several Arab terrorists were killed in various incidents in Gaza Thursday night and Friday morning. One of them died when the bomb he was preparing blew up in his hands.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 11:45 AM

A Hamas terrorist was killed today (Friday) in Gaza when a grenade or bomb he was preparing blew up in his hands. A second terrorist was wounded in the blast. It was at first thought that the dead terrorist was long-wanted Hamas terrorist leader Muhammed Def, but it turned out that it was "only" a lower-league terrorist named Maouti Abu Def.

Two other Arabs were killed overnight - one when he tried to place a bomb near aside the Gaza perimeter fence near Kisufim, and the other when he attempted to infiltrate across the fence into Israel. A second infiltrator was caught and taken for interrogation.

This morning, two armed terrorists involved in Kassam rocket attacks against Israel were hit as they drove in a car in northern Gaza. They were attacked by an Israel Air Force craft. They were apparently wounded when explosives in their car blew up as a result of the hit.

The IDF fired artillery shells towards open areas in northern Gaza this morning. The shells were aimed at areas from which Arabs fire Kassam rockets at Israel. Over 200 Kassam rockets have been launced towards Israel this month - and close to 400 have been fired since the IDF left Gaza last summer.

Among the six terrorists killed in a battle with IDF forces in Shechem on Thursday were three who were long-wanted by Israeli security forces, and one who murdered three Israelis and several suspected Arab collaborators. Muhammed Abdel Hadi Shatiwi, 33, head of the Tanzim infrastructure in the Balata refugee camp and who maintained close ties with Hizbullah, was responsible for carrying out the following attacks:

* A shooting attack on January 7, 2005 on Route 60, in which two IDF soldiers on leave, Second Lt. Ariel Buda and Sgt. Yossef Atia, were murdered, and three Israeli civilians were wounded.

* A shooting attack on May 29, 2004 in which IDF company commander Maj. Shachar Ben-Yishai was killed in the Balata refugee camp in Shechem (Nablus).

* The killing of several Arabs in Shechem who were suspected of collaboration with Israel.