Olmert Accused of Still More Shady Dealing

Journalist Yoav Yitzchak's investigative Hebrew news-site releases another scoop against Olmert, lamenting that the Israeli media have largely ignored his reports of Olmert's alleged mis-dealings.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 4:45 PM

Yitzchak (pictured) reports today, on his Hebrew website NFC, that Olmert sold his Jerusalem apartment in 2004 for the relatively high price of $2.7 million, and is being allowed to continue renting it until the year 2010. The buyer: a well-known election campaign contributor.

State Comptroller Hon. Micha Lindenstrauss has begun investigating the sale, which was mediated by a company registered in the Virgin Islands. The Comptroller has asked to see a copy of the sale contract and other documents. Yitzchak reports that Olmert is suspected of receiving forbidden financial benefits.

Two days ago, Yitzchak reported that Olmert had arbitrated a deal allowing one of the creditors of the failing Beitar Jerusalem soccer team to keep $5.2 million he had taken from money on its way to the team. The accusation is that Olmert participated in allowing a creditor and a debtor to cooperate on the payment of a debt - part of which may not even have been genuine - at the expense of other creditors.

Yitzchak says that Yediot Acharonot, Maariv, Haaretz, and Channels 1 and 2 have not publicized this report. While Ariel Sharon was in power, prominent journalist Amnon Abramovich acknowledged that the presss was treating him as gingerly as one treats an etrog on the Sukkot holiday.