Paper Affiliated with Fatah Dehumanizes Jews and Israel

Anti-Semitic cartoons published in a PA paper affiliated with Fatah show that Fatah's hatred of Jews and Israel is no less virulent than that of the Hamas.

Scott Shiloh , | updated: 6:07 PM

As the government attempts to devise a strategy to deal with a Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority, many politicians and journalists have come out in favor of measures designed to bring back the Fatah party, headed by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas.

While the Fatah party ostensibly recognizes Israel’s right to exist, the party’s hatred of Israel and Jews seems to parallel that of the Hamas. Fatah’s attitude towards Jews and Israel is evidenced by rabidly anti-Semitic political cartoons frequently published by Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, a PA newspaper closely affiliated with the Fatah.

A number of these cartoons, culled by Palestinian Media Watch, are reproduced below. The entire selection of cartoons can be viewed at the PMW website.

Political cartoons demeaning Mohammad have ignited the Moslem world against the West. Despite the sensitivity of such cartoons, the PA paper regularly publishes cartoons against Israel and the United States that would be repugnant to people in those countries. The PA under Fatah rule was a large recipient of U.S. aid.

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