Hamas Denies Pragmatic Shift, Says Israeli Paper Distorts Facts

The Hamas terror group has charged a major leftwing Israeli newspaper with distorting facts in order to make the group look more pragmatic, as if it were a potential negotiating partner for Israel.

Scott Shiloh , | updated: 6:54 PM

Last week, the Haaretz newspaper published an article saying that the Hamas struck a plank out of its election platform calling for the destruction of Israel, jihad, and an the establishment of an Arab state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

In another article, the paper quoted Sheikh Mohammed Abu Tir, a Hamas candidate for the PA parliament who lives in Jerusalem, with a statement implying that the terror group was willing to negotiate with Israel. Haaretz interpreted Abu Tir’s statement as indicative of a new pragmatic line in the Hamas.

Haaretz quoted Abu Tir as saying that the word “struggle” or “resistance” in the Hamas election platform “did not necessarily refer to weapons or the use of force.”

Monday, Abu Tir categorically denied making the statement quoted in Haaretz. He accused the paper of deliberately distorting his remarks and stated that he would never hold any negotiations with Israel. He said that negotiations were not the appropriate way to restore the rights of Palestinians.

Another Hamas candidate for the PA parliament, Yassir Mansour, said in an open chat on the Islam Online website that the Hamas’ electoral platform did not contradict the terror group’s constitution which calls for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Mansour said that the Hamas would never recognize the Zionist enemy or enter into negotiations with it. He said the terror group will continue the jihad or holy war against the Jewish state as a policy that complements its political activities in the Palestinian Authority.

Mansour explained that the entire land of Israel was Islamic Arab territory and that the Hamas would never relinquish it or allow others to give it up.