Senior Hamas Terrorist Killed in Tul Karem

Kassam rocket attacks and IDF shootouts with terrorists continue even as police and IDF personnel stream toward Hevron to deploy against Jewish residents and activists there.

Ezra HaLevi , | updated: 10:55 AM

IDF soldiers moved in to arrest Hamas terrorist Thabet Salah a-Din, a resident of Tul Karem Tuesday morning. Salah a-Din was hiding in a building, and when he was called upon to exit, he burst out, firing two automatic weapons, an AK-47 and an Uzi, at troops.

One soldier was wounded before Salah a-Din was shot and killed. IDF forces also uncovered an explosives laboratory and manufacturing workshop in the building where a-Din had been hiding. The explosives were neutralized.

A-Din was trained in Shechem in the manufacturing of large explosive devices and suicide bombing vests. According to the IDF, he was responsible for the planning of suicide bombing attacks from 2003-2004 which were thwarted by security forces, including an attempt by Hamas in Shechem and Ramallah to dispatch a suicide bomber to cross into Israel's pre-1967 borders in November 2003 and another attempt to carry out a double suicide attack in the Israeli city of Rosh Ha'ayin in June 2004.

According to army intelligence, a-Din was sent by Hamas in Shechem back to Tul Karem in an attempt to strengthen the Hamas infrastructure in the city, which is located close to Israel's coastal population centers. The army says the weapons shop had been around for months.

Four additional wanted Hamas terrorists were arrested in Tul Karem during the night and 14 wanted terrorists were apprehended elsewhere throughout Judea and Samaria.

In the western Negev, the Red Dawn alert system woke residents of Netiv HaAsara, just north of northern Gaza communities destroyed during the Disengagement, giving them less than 30 seconds to find cover from an incoming Kassam rocket.

Monday night, a firebomb was hurled at an IDF vehicle near the Arab village of Malik, northeast of Ramallah. The incendiary device missed the army vehicle and hit a passing Arab truck. No injuries were reported.