Syria and Iran Sign Pact to Resist Int´l Pressure, Hide Weapons

Syria has agreed to store Iran's nuclear material, and Iran will grant asylum to Syrian officials implicated in the murder of former Lebanese PM Rafik Harriri, according to Jane's Defence Weekly.

Ezra HaLevi , | updated: 2:38 PM

According to the London-based defense magazine, the two counties signed a strategic accord to help each other resist international pressure regarding their weapons programs and misdeeds.

Jane's quoted diplomatic sources saying that Syria has agreed to store Iranian materials and weapons if the United Nations imposes sanctions upon the Islamic state. The sources said that Iran committed to protecting any Syrian intelligence officers indicted by the UN or Lebanon.

"The sensitive chapter in the accord includes Syria's commitment to allow Iran to safely store weapons, sensitive equipment or even hazardous materials on Syrian soil should Iran need such help in a time of crisis," Jane's said.

Another aspect of the agreement that directly affects Israel is that Syria committed itself to continue to supply the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah terror group with weapons, ammunition and other equipment.

Hizbullah currently has 15,000 missiles and rockets that it received from Iran deployed on Lebanon’s border with Israel.

Also affecting the Jewish State is an Iranian commitment to supply Syria with the technology necessary to produce weapons of mass destruction and provide training to the Syrian army. Iran would upgrade Syrian ballistic missiles as well as chemical weapons systems, according to Jane's, and has even agreed to operate "advanced weapon systems in Syria during a military confrontation.”