Photo Essay: Tears and Wailing in Gush Katif´s Cemetery

The residents of Gush Katif gathered together in the region's cemetery on the fast of Tisha B'Av to request that their beloved relatives buried there cry out to G-d on their behalf.

Ezra HaLevi, Gush Katif , | updated: 12:55 PM

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Gush Katif's cemetery faces the threat of destruction along with the rest of the Jewish sites in the region. Residents gathered there Sunday, prayed at the top of their lungs, wept, sang and hugged one another as they gazed with disbelief at the graves of their loved ones that the IDF intends to dig up.

Many participants expressed afterwards that it was truly the most inspiring and moving site in which they had ever participated.
Resident gathering at the cemetary.

A mother crying with her daughters.

A relative reads Lamentations and weeps beside the grave of Ahuva Amrani.

The grave of Avraham Fardag.

Rabbi Menachem Fruman of Tekoa, known for his interfaith meetings with Islamic leaders, and redemption rocker Aaron Razel at the Gush Katif cemetary.

Grave of Erez Tzungato, "My love, My husband, Our brother, Our son."

Friends mourn their lost comrade, killed while serving in the IDF and buried in Gush Katif.

Grave of Gideon Rivlin, a resident of Ganei Tal murdered by terrorists last January.

Grave of Golda Rivlin, "Your love and memory will never leave us as you take your resting place in the Garden of Eden."

The grave of Holocaust survivor Klara Katrantzik.

Mourning over the grave of Leah Freiman.

A local photographer breaks down and cries.

Grave of Malka Lycho.

Grave of 'Mother' Simcha Bareby.

Grave of Nechemia Winter, "A man who loved life and pursued justice - the song of his life was ended abruptly."

Grave of Nissim Dollinger, murdered by Arab terrorists in 2002.

Grave of Nissim Bitton, with a sketch of a bride and groom made by a relative.

Photographers and journalists are everywhere in Gush Katif. Resident have learned to ignore them.

Photographers catching multiple angles of residents' grief.

Residents say to their relatives who have passed on, "we are doing our best to fight this - please appeal to the Master of the World on our behalf."

Grave of Rachel Lobell, "a lover of Israel and founder of Ganei Tal."

Grave of Reuvein Ben-David.

Grave of Roni Tzalach, of Kfar Yam, murdered January, 2001 by Arab terrorists.

Grave of Rabbi Shimon Birenbaum, rabbi of Kfar Darom, murdered by Arab terrorists in 1992.

Shimrit Zohar, "Our beloved daughter and sister - a young woman of mercy and kindness."

Grave of Tal Shorshan, 6-yr.-old girl who died of illness after her father was murdered by Arab terrorists.

Grave of Tiferet Hymnert.

Residents weeping over the planned desecration of their loved ones' graves.

Grave of Yehudit Maor, one of the founders of Ganei Tal, who passed away earlier this year.

(Photos: Ezra HaLevi)