Gush Katif Woman, 57, Arrested for Not Showing ID

Odelia Yulis, a 57-year-old woman from N'vei Dekalim, was arrested and sent to a Be'er Sheva jail last night after refusing to show her ID card on her way out of Gush Katif. She was later released.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 11:05 AM

Her husband Shlomo told the story to Arutz-7:

"A friend of a relative asked that my wife visit a terminal cancer patient who is hospitalized in Be'er Sheva. We had a son who died of cancer, and so when we can help out others who are in a similar situation, we try to do so.

"My wife set off soon after Sabbath ended, but when she got to Kisufim, the policemen told her to produce her ID card. She said there was no reason for her to have to do so - a lawyer even told us later that even in a closed military zone, ID cards might be required in order to enter, but that there is no reason to have to identify yourself on the way out - and that she refused to be subjected to this humiliation each time.

"The policeman would not let her through, and said she should move her car to the side. She said she couldn't because there were soldiers there, and then when they moved, she started up her car - and then the policeman called out, 'Arrest her!' He accused her of trying to run down the soldiers...

"They told her to get out of the car, and she refused - so a few policewomen opened the door and physically dragged her out. She received a few bangs on her head and arms in the process... Then they took her to Oholei Keidar Prison in Be'er Sheva, but the prison refused to accept her without the proper papers or court orders. So then they said they would take her to Maasiyahu Prison in Ramle...

"In the meantime, however, I had spoken to her, but then was unable to reach her, so I realized something had happened. So I sped down there - this was after the road had been closed and then opened after the first shooting - and met the policeman there. He was someone I knew from before, and I spoke to him very toughly, asking him if he wasn't ashamed of treating a 57-year-old woman that way...

"As all this was going on, we heard of the double murder, and with everything that was going on, the order was given to bring her back to Kisufim. When she got there, they told her to sign her consent to being held under community arrest - i.e., that she should not be able to leave the town. She refused, of course.

"My wife said to the policewoman who spoke to her, 'If you would put a fraction of your forces into stopping terrorism, maybe this murder wouldn't have happened.' The policewoman said, 'We told them [the citizens] not to go on that road, but they went anyway...' To which my wife replied, 'When you want to stop me from going, you had plenty of forces to do so - but you were unable to stop cars from traveling where you feared that there were terrorists?!' ... When I myself [Shlomo] traveled the road that night, there was no one there telling me not to do so...

"In any event, they finally they just let her go, without any restrictions. But then we were held up because the road was closed a second time after the murder, and we finally got home at around 7 AM this morning on a bulletproof bus."

Shlomo said that he generally does not show his ID card at Kisufim, and that one time it had cost him an hour-and-a-half delay. Asked if the struggle was worth the inconvenience, he replied, "Look, there's just so much humiliation you can take. If we allow them to humiliate us this way, then they'll keep on doing it more and more until our faces touch the ground. They're trying to break us, but we won't give in."