London Bomber Helped Terrorists Bomb Tel Aviv Bar

One of the terrorists who carried out the multiple bomb attacks on July 7th in London that killed 55 visited Israel in 2003 and helped British terrorists carry out a suicide bombing at a busy bar.

IsraelNationalNews Staff , | updated: 4:40 PM

Muhammad Sadique Khan, who blew himself up on a subway in London earlier this month, came to Israel just two months before a suicide bomb attack on a Tel Aviv bar was carried out by fellow British citizens. Khan arrive on February 19th, 2003 and stayed in the country for just one day.

The April 30th, 2003 attack on the beachfront Mike's Place bar murdered three Israels and wounded scores. It was carried out by two Muslim's from Pakistan holding British citizenship. They entered Israel under the auspices of the radical left-wing Internation Solidarity Movement and were apparently assisted by Hamas and the man who went on to bomb the British subway. Asaf Hanif, a Briton of Pakistani descent, blew himself up at the bar, but his partner Omar Sharif ran away after failing to detonate his bomb. Sharif's body was mysteriously found in the sea a week later and investigators concluded he had drowned.

The explosives material used in the Mike's Place bombing was unique and has been found to be remarkably similar to that used in the multiple attacks in London.

Israeli officials have been ordered by the Sharon regime not to link the London attacks with attacks on Israel in any manner. Israeli officials have therefore been reluctant to suggest that Britain's soft position with regard to terror groups like Hamas may have contributed to their own misfortune.