Eyewitness: Wounded Arab in Muwasi Fight Was Primary Assailant

An eyewitness to Wednesday's rock fight between Jews and Arabs in Muwasi says that the very Arab who was wounded [pictured throwing a rock] was one of the primary assailants.

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The eyewitness said told Arutz-7: “Suddenly a gang of about 30 Arabs started smashing us with rocks. I ran away and hid behind an army jeep. Suddenly, this Arab youth--the one who everyone claims was 'mortally wounded'--came around from behind me and threw this big concrete block right towards my head. He almost killed me!"

Tal-Yam 06.29.2005

Another eyewitness to the fight stated, "The Arabs were the ones who started throwing rocks, just like they've known how to do for the last 20 years. The media people who were there knew that this boy, the one who was 'mortally wounded,' came up to us and threw rocks. And so we threw back."

“It's interesting how someone who is critically wounded gets up on his legs and laughs with his friends and gets interviewed while he's critically wounded,” she added.

Police announced Sunday night that they had caught Shimshon HaCohen-Citrin, an 18-year-old from the community of Nachliel. He is accused of being one of the three Jewish activists centrally involved in Wednesday's stone-throwing incident. Citrin is being charged with attempted murder and attacking police officers.

Citrin's father, interviewed by Army Radio Monday morning, angrily accused the media of ganging up against his son for defending himself against Arab attackers. "The only lynch that has occurred is that perpetrated by the media against my son. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last. You haven't even examined the matter, and you're blaming Jews for things without any proof."

Honenu, an organization providing legal assistance for those accused during anti-disengagement protests, is taking measures to fight the current anti-activist climate.

"Under the current public atmosphere," said one Honenu official, "with the media continually referring to the incident as a 'lynching' and with politicians calling forcefully for the police to 'mete out justice to the lynchers' and the like, we fear that the three suspects will be sacrificed unjustly. We are coordinating and gathering all the testimony that shows the whole incident was staged and blown out of all proportion."

The filmed victim, Hilal Ziad Al-Majaydeh, said in an interview that he did not remember being attacked by an 18-year-old civilian. Al-Majaydeh claims he sustained his injuries during an altercation with an IDF soldier.