Lebanon Terrorists Shell Israel; IDF Responds

Israeli soldiers Friday afternoon aimed artillery fire at terrorist positions in Lebanon following a barrage on IDF posts near the northern border. No one was injured.

, | updated: 16:52

At least nine mortar shells or rockets were fired on IDF positions following two rocket attacks Thursday night and an Independence Day rocket blast that seriously damaged a bakery in the community of Shlomi in northwest Israel.

Major General Benny Gantz, head of the Northern Command, said terrorists associated with terror gangs in Israel coordinated the attacks with Hezbollah, a view different from Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz who said Hezbollah launched the offensive.

Military officers in the north suggested that the Arab terrorists affiliated with their counterparts in Israel are problematic for Israel because they cannot stage a massive attack but can force Israel into a military escalation.

"I think the period ahead of us along the border will be more sensitive," said Gantz, who predicted there will be more incidents. Lebanese elections planned for May 29 as well as the planned evacuation of Jews Israel are encouraging terrorists to act, he added.

Hezbollah claimed it was behind the rocket attacks Thursday night, and Mofaz said he holds Lebanon responsible. The recent withdrawal of Syrian soldiers from Lebanon leaves Hezbollah and other terrorists in a position to test the new Lebanon government's policy towards them.