Terror Attempts Resume in Gaza

The end of the short "hudna" period – temporary ceasefire – appears to be in sight, at least to terrorist elements in Gaza. They are engaged in smuggling weapons and testing the IDF's alertness.

, | updated: 1:39 PM

After a lull in attempted Arab arms smuggling across the Gaza-Egyptian border, IDF soldiers have stopped several such attempts in the past few days. After midnight last night, IDF forces arrested three smugglers at the Israeli-Egyptian border, and confiscated their contraband: Ten Kalachnikov rifles and 24 pistols, and ammunition for same.

Earlier Tuesday evening, an IDF unit captured an Arab terrorist as he crossed through the border fence between Israel and Egypt near Rafiah. The Arab was smuggling tens of pistols, a sniper rifle, and ammunition to PA-controlled areas. See pictures displaying the weapons he was smuggling.

Weapons smuggled from Egypt to Gaza on Tuesday

This morning, five unarmed Arabs were caught trying to infiltrate into pre-'67 Israel from northern Gaza. It is assumed that they were attempting to test the Israeli forces' alertness in the area.

Also this morning, gunfire was directed at an IDF outpost near Rafiach, in southern Gaza. No one was hurt.

See images here.