PA Terrorists Plant Bombs; Abbas Demands Withdrawals

The IDF reports that, contrary to Palestinian Authority announcements, the PA is not fighting terrorism – but is rather fighting its own insurgents.

, | updated: 9:21 PM

PA sources announced over the weekend that 16 arrests were made, adding that explosives and bombs were found among some of the arrestees.

It was later clarified, however, that only 12 or 13 arrests had been made, two stun grenades were the only weapons found, and that none of the arrestees had taken part in attacks against Israeli targets.

An IDF report states that the PA is seeking to take advantage of its fight against internal crime by portraying it as a fight against terrorism. PA police arrested three men in Hevron yesterday for burning three police cars the day before.

Correspondent Haggai Huberman reports that PA Chairman Abu Mazen is worried about signs of anarchy. On Friday, for instance, members of a heretofore unknown group, the Al-Ouda Martyrs Brigade, held policemen in Shechem hostage for several hours. Gunfire was exchanged during the incident, and three PA policemen were injured. They were released only after protracted negotiations. IDF sources said that the Al-Ouda gunmen have not been involved in terrorism against Israel.

Abu Mazen has done nothing to actively fight terror organizations in Judea/Samaria. In Tul Karem, the hometown of the suicide terrorist who murdered five Israelis in Tel Aviv last Friday, Abu Mazen's nemesis Tawfiq Tirawi runs an "intelligence" agency that is allied with a terrorist coalition of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Hamas and others. In Jenin, long a capital of Palestinian terrorism, Abu Mazen's personal emissary was recently greeted with gunfire by Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Brigades.

Despite the above, Abu Mazen continues to pledge to world leaders that he will fight terrorism and make demands upon Israel. He said yesterday that he cannot enforce law and order until Israel withdraws from several Arab-populated cities in Judea and Samaria. “We have no control on the ground,” Abbas told reporters at a news conference on Saturday in Ramallah. In Gaza, where he similarly had "no control," he has taken strong measures, ousting virtually all of the terror leaders from PA security organs. In Judea and Samaria, however, the terror organizations rule, as per above.

After the Sharm a-Sheikh summit on February 8, Israel promised to hand over five cities to PA security control – but these plans were suspended when a Palestinian terrorist murdered five Israelis at a Tel Aviv club last weekend. Islamic Jihad openly claimed responsibility, and Israeli officials said there would be no more talks until the PA finds those behind the attack.

Israel accuses Abbas of "dragging his feet," according to some reports – specifically, trying to verbally convince terrorists to disarm, instead of doing so forcibly.

Yesterday, IDF troops discovered and successfully detonated two road-side charges on the road leading to the Jewish town of Mevo Dotan in northern Samaria.