Son of Disengagement Commander: I Will Refuse the Order

Yet another high-profile declaration of intention to refuse the disengagement order was announced yesterday.

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This time it was from the son of the police commander responsible for carrying out the expulsion of Jewish citizens from the 21 Jewish communities of Gaza.

Rafi Bar-Lev told WorldNetDaily
that he thinks the disengagement plan is "wrong" and that he will refuse orders if his unit is called to participate in the withdrawal.

Although such sentiments are not uncommon throughout the Israel Defense Forces -more than 10,000 signatures to this effect have been gathered so far - Bar-Lev's announcement is particularly significant, as he is the son of Uri Bar-Lev, the head of the police department's southern district. Uri Bar-Lev previously served as head of police intelligence, where he was instructed to prepare a plan to deal with protestors during the withdrawal's implementation.

Asked if he realizes that refusing disengagement orders could result in his arrest, Rafi Bar-Lev, said, "Yes, I know. Everybody knows."

Bar-Lev the younger is currently serving in the Golani Brigade, in an elite IDF unit posted in the Shomron, an hour drive north of Jerusalem. The unit is deployed in the vicinity of the four Jewish towns slated for expulsion as part of the disengagement - Ganim, Kadim, Sa-Nur and Chomesh.

Four other soldiers on duty with Bar-Lev at the time of his interview with WND also said they oppose the withdrawal and would certainly refuse orders to be a part of it. "This is giving in to terrorism," one said, "and most of my friends in the army feel the same way as well."

Somewhat ironically, the army is not expected to have a direct hand in the uprooting. This role will apparently be given to the police.

Rafi said he was sure his father would be angry about his decision. Uri Bar-Lev, speaking with WND this morning, did not address the issue directly, but said, "I love my son and am proud he volunteered for the Golani Brigade." The Bar-Lev family lived for a number of years in the Yesha town of Ofrah.