Arab Citizen Convicted of Driving Terrorists to Attack

An Arab citizen of Israel who drove two suicide-bombers to the scene of a deadly terror attack in 2003 was sentenced to 42 years in prison today.

, | updated: 5:51 PM

Muafak Airuk, 60, used his Israeli citizenship papers to transport two terrorists undetected from the Israeli Arab town of Um el-Fahm to Tel Aviv in January 2003. Once there, the latter detonated themselves at Tel Aviv’s old central bus station, murdering 23 people.

The terrorists informed Airuk of what they intended to do upon arrival in Tel Aviv, and paid Airuk $100 to drive them there. "He knew very well he was driving terrorists about to blow themselves up," the verdict said.

Despite the fact that Airuk agreed to drive the terrorists even after they told him of their intentions, the court concluded that his action stemmed from financial and not ideological reasons. "The defendant was willing to endanger the lives of both Jewish and Arab citizens because of greed," the judges of the Nazareth District Court ruled.

The court also responded to the terror accomplice’s displays of remorse in the courtroom. "In our opinion, the defendant is crying over his own fate and not over the tragedy of the victims and their families," they said.