Maj.Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky Selected as Deputy Chief of Staff

Former head of the Central Command, has been selected to become Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces.

, | updated: 7:23 PM

Maj.Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky will be taking his new position at the end of March, as Dan Halutz, the current deputy, goes on leave before assuming his new post of Chief of Staff in June.

Kaplinsky headed the IDF Central Command for three years before stepping down just one month ago. The Central Command is responsible primarily for security in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.

Born in Gedera, Kaplinsky, 48, is married with two children and holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Prior to taking control of the Central Command, Kaplinsky served as military secretary to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Earlier in his career, Kaplinsky was a commander in an elite unit of the Golani brigade, one of the IDF’s toughest combat units.

Selection as Deputy Chief of Staff makes Kaplinsky a prime contender for succeeding Dan Halutz as Chief of Staff when his term ends in three years.

Additional IDF appointments for posts of chief of military intelligence, commander of ground forces, and heads of the central and northern commands are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.