Terrorists Wound Two Near Modiin

Arab terrorists gunned down two security guards in their security vehicle Monday night. The targets had been on patrol in the community of Kfar Oranim-Menorah, northeast of Modiin.

, | updated: 10:42 AM

Ambulances rushed the two guards to the Tel HaShomer Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv, where they are recovering from surgery. They were shot while driving outside the fence that surrounds the community and managed to return fire, despite having suffered leg and arm injuries.

The terrorists were probably intending to attack a neighborhood in the community when they spotted the security vehicle and changed their plans, defense sources said. Army soldiers searching for the gunmen found ten bullet shells near the neighboring Arab village of Safa, east of the city of Modiin, which is halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The shooting occurred just a few hours after army soldiers discovered a powerful truck bomb designated to blow up amidst Israeli civilians or soldiers. The truck, packed with half a ton of explosives, was found near Jenin, in northern Shomron. Defense officials say it was planned for use in an attack in Samaria, north of Jerusalem.

The incident near Modiin moved the security fence back into the spotlight. Construction on the barrier in the area has been halted several times because of court appeals by Arabs who claim it infringes on their property. Modiin is a young city of more than 35,000 people, most of whom commute to work in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

General Security Services (GSS) officials revealed today that they arrested, two months ago, a ranking Islamic Jihad terrorist who planned missile attacks on Afula. The city is inside the 1967 border, just a few miles north of Jenin.

The terrorist, Jibril Zbeide, admitted to being part of an Islamic Jihad terror cell that also planned to strike a school in the French Hill neighborhood in Jerusalem and attack Israeli soldiers with a car bomb. Islamic Jihad was behind the Friday night Palestinian terror attack in Tel Aviv, in which five Jews were killed and more than 50 were wounded.