Fifth Victim of Tel Aviv Terror Attack Dies of Wounds

26-year-old Odelia Hubara from Jerusalem succumbed to her wounds last night, becoming the fifth person killed by the Arab terror attack in Tel Aviv Friday night.

, | updated: 1:30 PM

Odelia suffered serious head, chest and internal injuries in the bomb attack at the Stage nightclub just off the Tel Aviv beachfront and never regained consciousness. She will be buried in Jerusalem on Tuesday at 4 PM.

Of the more than 50 people wounded in the attack, 22 are still hospitalized, including one in serious condition.

The four others murdered in the attack - Yitzhak Buzaglo, 40, of Mishmar HaYarden, Aryeh Nagar, 37, of Kfar Saba, Ronen Rubinov, 30, of Tel Aviv, and Yael Auerbach, 28, of Rehovot - were laid to rest yesterday.

Yael's father, Yisrael Auerbach, said at his daughter's funeral that he had served in the same elite Ramon reconnaissance unit of the IDF with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Mossad chief Meir Dagan. He called upon them to avenge his daughter's death. “If her blood is not avenged, I will do it myself,” Auerbach declared, “in a way not yet seen."

Yael's father said that she was a direct descendent of King David from both her father and mother. She was about to hand out invitations to her upcoming wedding when the Arab terrorist blew himself up. Her fianc? is being treated at the Sheba Medical center in Tel Aviv for moderate to serious injuries suffered in the attack.

Twenty-five Israelis have been murdered since Yasser Arafat died, an average of approximately one every four days.

Last night, Arab attackers threw stones at Jews praying at the ancient tomb of Simon the Just (Shimon HaTzaddik) in Jerusalem, injuring a 14-year-old boy. The youth was treated on the spot and transported to a hospital, where his condition was reported as light. Border Guardsmen conducted a search for the attackers with the assistance of some of the worshippers. No arrests were reported.

Israeli motorists were targeted by gunfire on the trans-Samaria highway last night. Though cars were struck by bullets and damaged, nobody was injured.

IDF sappers discovered a 100-pound bomb in a greenhouse near the Gush Katif community of Netzer Hazani this morning. It was disarmed without injury.

A barrage of stones was hurled at the vehicles of residents of the northern Samarian community of Homesh this morning, as well. No injuries were reported, but the vehicles were damaged.