Expert Says: Bush Defies His Own Policy

U.S. Pres. Bush's plan to give $390 million to the PA "defies" long-standing Bush policy - and ignores Abu Mazen's rich terrorist past. So says former Israeli liaison to Congress Yoram Ettinger.

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Ettinger, an expert on Israel-U.S. relations, furthermore notes that Abu Mazen's rich terrorist history has all but been ignored.

Nine days after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, Bush stated his intention to "deliver to the US all the leaders of Al-Qaeda... [to] close immediately and permanently every terrorist training camp in Afghanistan, and hand over every terrorist... They will hand over the terrorists, or they will share in their fate."

However, Ettinger notes, Bush is now ignoring Abu Mazen's stated intention that he will not fight or extradite Hamas terrorists, but will rather integrate them into the PA leadership.

Bush said in his speech, "We are not deceived by their pretenses to piety." Yet, Ettinger states,
"notwithstanding Abu Mazen's grandpa-like well-shaved appearance, he was Arafat's chief accomplice since the 1950's, he has shaped PA's hate-education, he and his son have been role models for 'Mr. 20%' kickback/corruption, he was the chief architect of PLO ties with ruthless communist regimes, and he played a key role in hijacking planes, in the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre, in the 1972 execution of 2 US ambassadors, and in the 1970 and 1976 attempts to topple the Hashemite and Lebanese regimes."

"We will starve terrorists of funding," Bush said then – while "now he plans to give the Palestinian Authority, the largest terror base in the world, $390 million in foreign aid."

Ettinger posits that the prerequisite for US assistance to Iraq and to Afghanistan "was the thorough eradication of - rather than accommodation with - rogue regimes. US policy would not tolerate top Ba'th or Taliban leaders running for office, let alone heading a new regime. The US would not tolerate an Iraqi or Afghani candidates campaigning for office on the shoulders of a most wanted notorious terrorist, as did Abu Mazen on the shoulders of Zakaria Zubeidi, the leading terrorist in Jenin... Abu Mazen [was] Arafat's most intimate confidant during the last 50 years and Arafat's loyal #2 since 1993. Abu Mazen had occasionally disagreed with Arafat tactically, but always concurred strategically. Contrary to US policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has re-entrenched, rather than uproot, the rogue old regime, thus rewarding Palestinian terrorism and adrenalizing regional anti-US terrorism."

"...President Bush ("State of the Union", Feb. 2, 2005) and Secretary of State Rice (Israel, Feb. 7, 2005) have condemned Syria for harboring terrorists, which has denied Damascus US foreign aid and cooperation. Where does that leave Abu Mazen, who has harbored Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, while heading the political infrastructure of PA ("security organizations") terrorism?! Abu Mazen met - in December 2004 in Damascus - the leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PDFLP, and will meet shortly with other Islamic terrorists in Teheran. Both meetings (at terrorist capitals) aim at coordination and co-existence with terrorists, in defiance of the morally-just and strategically-right US war on global terrorism.