Missionary Warning in Jerusalem

The following missionary alert appeared in this Sabbath's edition of the Orthodox Union Israel Center Torah Tidbits publication:

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"It has come to our attention that there is a relatively new "hotspot" in town (in the Russian Compound, to be specific) that has become popular among English-speaking teens and collegiates. It is called The Jamm. It is a no-smoking, non-alcoholic drop-in youth center in which youngsters who like to play music can come and play on top-of-the-line equipment free of charge. Kids from the one-year yeshivot and seminaries for American students have been seen frequenting the place. It's a really nice, clean, safe place for kids to have a good time.

"This is what we found on the website of Greatfully Grafted Ministries International:

>The JAMM is a kind of 'underground' coffee bar-home located in central downtown Jerusalem. We operate to engage the heart: to be merciful, to do something for somebody! Luke 10:5-10 "First say 'Shalom' to this house..." We desire to extend true Shalom to Israeli youth...
>We are an indigenous Israeli ministry center that dwells in the heart of Jerusalem. The JAMM is a place for teens to dwell. It is a place where they will come to know that the only true and living God takes a personal interest in their lives. That he's a God of love and promise, brings healing and wholeness to our lives, purpose, great plans for each person, and an awesome destiny for each of us. He speaks to youth through his Word, cell groups, bible study, worship, prayer, music, concerts, multimedia seminars and the arts that "The kingdom of God is near," is Real, Exciting, and Worth living for!"

"Help warn and protect our children.
"Let me make it perfectly clear: The Jamm is a Christian missionary operation whose goal is to attract Jewish youth to belief in Jesus (or whatever name he goes by in Israel). Students, parents, people who have sons or daughters of friends or relatives in Israel this year - be properly warned. (This alarm was raised by a yeshiva student who innocently went there to check out the scene. Kol HaKavod for his
perception and speedy reaction to the situation."

To see a partial list of similar missionary centers in Israel, and to become familiar with this missionary organization's goals, see:
"http://www.gratefullygrafted.org/support/support.htm" and