IDF Officials Breaking Silence on Ineffectiveness of Fence

IDF soldiers and officers have begun to speak out regarding the ineffectiveness the separation fence.

, | updated: 8:59 PM

IDF officials, including Head of Central Command, Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky have begun to plan for the possibility that Arab terrorists will dig tunnels under the so-called security fence, rendering it ineffective.

The Hebrew daily Yediot Aharonot reported Tuesday that one of the topics discussed was areas of the fence that could be easily tunneled under. While the ground in many areas is not conducive to digging tunnels without heavy equipment, there are a number of areas where the ground is softer, the report said.

The Company Commander of a reserves unit stationed at the IDF outpost which was the scene of a massive tunnel attack on December 16th spoke with Arutz-7 about the tunnel phenomenon and the effectiveness of the fence in light of this new reality.

“Every night we heard definite tunneling noises – the sound of jack-hammers,” Sergeant First-Class J. said. “They brought people from the Technion, from America – nobody could locate them. We finally built a moat around the base to try to intercept the tunnel, but they just dug underneath. We discover tunnels 25 meters deep these days – you can’t dig a moat 25 meters deep, it is impossible.”

J. says the tunnels have negated the concept of a security-fence. “The army simply cannot find these tunnels except by locating their entrance or exit – usually hidden beneath an Arab home. The security fence isn’t going to protect anyone, it is simply a way to abandon those living on the ‘other’ side. Without even talking about missiles and the development of biological missiles within years, the fence itself is incredibly dangerous in that it will lead to a reduction of forces on the Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) side and cripple the IDF’s ability to find these tunnels and prevent the firing of rockets and missiles. “