Court Commands General to Present His "Code of Ethics"

The commander who oversaw the liquidation of a senior Hamas terrorist is the target of a High Court petition claiming he shows a "lack of remorse."

, | updated: 1:12 AM

The Israeli High Court has accepted a left-wing petition demanding that it decide if a high-ranking IDF general violated the IDF’s code of ethics by congratulating his soldiers whose successful liquidation of a terrorist two years ago also killed 14 civilians.

The court gave former Air Force commander Major-General Dan Halutz 14 days to explain comments he made to his crew after it bombed the Gaza home of terrorist Salah Shedah in July, 2002. Asked how he felt after the incident, Halutz was quoted saying, “What did I feel after dropping the bomb? I felt a slight impact on the plane’s wing.” The petitioners, including artists and former Meretz party leader Shulamit Aloni, argue that Halutz showed a “lack of remorse” at the killing of civilians.

Many left-wing politicians and organizations petitioned the High Court to block Halutz's recent appointment as Deputy Chief of Staff because of what they claim is his “brutal violation of the ethical code of war."

In the past, Halutz sharply criticized those he termed “bleeding hearts” for turning to the International Court in Hague to complain about IDF actions. “Are these the people for whom the IDF is fighting?” Halutz asked.

Israel’s increasingly powerful Supreme Court, in accepting the petition, puts itself in a position to make legal judgments on ethics and morals. After receiving Halutz’s response, the High Court is to hand down a verdict, unless it reverses its decision to rule on the petition.