Hassidic Jew Murdered in Antwerp

The gabbai (sexton) of a synagogue in Antwerp, Belgium, was shot in the head early Thursday morning by unknown assailants, and later died of his wounds.

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Moshe Yitzchak Naeh, 27, married with five children, departed the home of leading Hassidic Rabbi Leibush of Psheworsk at approximately 2 AM, and was on his way home when he was shot. He collapsed as the assailants escaped, was taken in critical condition to the local hospital, and later died of his wounds.

The attack occurred in a Jewish neighborhood of the city, adjacent to a largely Muslim-populated area. Belgian national police have initiated their own investigation into the case.

The police are supported in their evaluation that the murder was anti-Semitic by the fact that Naeh was not robbed, even though he was carrying a hefty sum of money.
The victim was a well-known personality in the Jewish community of Antwerp, and active in a Hassidic congregation.

A resident of the community told Arutz-7 today that the attack is unprecedented in the recent history of local anti-Semitic violence - the worst of which until now have been stabbings and the like. A Belgian government report issued this morning shows that in 1999 there were only 4 claims of anti-Semitic violence - and 49 already this year.