Important Likud Elections Coming Up

Key elections will be held in the Likud Party this coming Sunday - and anti-disengagement forces see them as an important battleground in the fight to preserve Gush Katif and northern Shomron.

, | updated: 4:01 PM

Likud MKs will be running for three important positions within the party:
* Former Minister Uzi Landau and Minister Tzachi HaNegbi are running for Chairman of the Central Committee.
* Minister Yisrael Katz and Avraham Hirschsohn are running in a three-way race against former Deputy Minister Michael Ratzon for Chairman of the party secretariat.
* The third race features MK Gilad Erdan against Minister Danny Naveh for the position of Likud Bureau Chairman.

The first two positions are considered fairly important, and have even been compared to the "Government" and the "Knesset" of the party. Erdan and Naveh are competing for a spot that is considered more of "ideological" importance, as opposed to "practical."

The elections will be decided by the nearly 3,000 members of the Likud's Central Committee at the party's convention this Sunday, in Tel Aviv.

Manhigut Yehudit, a Likud faction, and "Cities of Israel," a grassroots pro-Land of Israel organization, are asking for volunteers to help in the campaigns of the three "anti-disengagement" candidates. "MKs Landau and Ratzon were both fired by Prime Minister Sharon from their government positions after they recently voted against the disengagement plan," explains Cities of Israel spokesperson Susie Dym, "while MK Erdan has been a member of the Likud 'rebels' against the expulsion plan since Day One."

The other candidates - Katz, Hirschsohn, Naveh and HaNegbi - have expressed varying measures of opposition to the plan, but all voted in favor of it in the recent Knesset vote. The three ministers - Katz, HaNegbi, and Naveh - were among the minority that voted "nay" in the Cabinet when the plan was approved on June 7.

Dym says that volunteers are needed to provide rides for Central Committee members, give out stickers, make phone calls, and the like. For more information, call (in Israel) 052-322-0262.