Organizing to Prevent the Evacuation/Expulsion

Noam Livnat, youngest brother of Education Minister Limor Livnat, says that people must be willing to pick up and move to Gush Katif - now, not next summer.

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Livnat, a resident of Elon Moreh in the Shomron, is the spokesman of the "Defensive Shield Task Force." The organization was formed, he explains, for the purpose of "making sure that the military orders to evacuate Gush Katif and the northern Shomron are never given."

The general population in Israel is unaware, Livnat says, that the country now stands before "The battle, with a capital T, for which the State of Israel has been waiting for 50 years."

"There is a Hassidic concept," he told Hagit Rotenberg of Israel's B'Sheva weekly, "called 'bizbuz ha'otzarot,' or 'squandering the treasures.' The king spends years piling up treasures and wealth in his palace. But one day, when he faces a large war, he spends all of it, down to the last penny. This is because there is no reason to save anything, for if he loses the war, he will have nothing left anyway. This is our situation today. We must get out all the forces on behalf of this war."

Livnat is not just speaking theoretically:
"A person has to ask himself, 'What am I willing to give so that Gush Katif is not wiped off the map? So that Jewish communities will not be destroyed? So that Jews won't be banished from their homes? So that the Land will not be given over to our enemies, and will not become a stronger base for rocket attacks against us? What am I willing to do so that there won't be massive weapons-smuggling into Gaza, and so that the Palestinians won't receive a tremendous shot of encouragement to step up their efforts ten-fold to destroy us?"
"Are you willing to give a year of your life so that this will not happen? If so, take your family now and go live in Gush Katif. Don't come during the evacuation itself to protest in front of the bulldozers. Come today, in order to stop it before it happens."

Among the fronts on which the members of the Defensive Shield Task Force are working are some they prefer to keep under wraps. For public consumption, however, Livnat talks about the following initiatives: Spreading the rabbis' call to soldiers not to fulfill evacuation orders; petitions with thousands of signatures of soldiers who will not fulfill such orders; enlistment of high school girls in information campaigns and other tasks; and more.

With regard to the soldiers' petitions, Livnat explains, "It's obvious that the framework will not be able to tolerate a situation in which tens of thousands of people have signed their refusal to carry out these orders. We're not trying to interfere with the evacuation, but rather prevent it from even beginning to occur. If we start this campaign a week before the expulsion, and we have 3,000 people saying they won't fulfill the orders, another 3,000 who say it's not a good thing, and 4,000 who will actually carry out the orders, even if apathetically, we won't have accomplished a thing. But if we start now and show that there are many thousands who will have nothing to do with it, the orders won't even be given."