Warnings Against Sabbath Desecration

MK Uri Ariel (National Union) says that Arafat's funeral will cause widespread Sabbath desecration for thousands of Jews, and should be put off.

, | updated: 5:38 PM

MK Ariel has informed Prime Minister Sharon that such Sabbath desecration "as a result of this evil person" is unacceptable. "The funeral is liable to cause thousands of Jewish soldiers, policemen, Border Guard fighters, and guards to massively desecrate the Sabbath. They will be forced to deploy at the border crossings at Rafiah and the Allenby Bridge, as well as around Ramallah."

In his letter to the Prime Minister, MK Ariel said that the funeral must not be allowed to take place on Friday or Saturday night, or anytime in between, "in order to prevent this massive and unnecessary Sabbath desecration."

The late Rabbi Shlomo Goren, who was the IDF's Chief Rabbi for many years, said almost ten years ago that soldiers must not take part in anything having to do with the Sabbath arrival of Yasser Arafat in Yesha. The situation today may or may not be analogous, in that the funeral is liable to lead to rioting and an immediate danger to Jewish life, for which Sabbath deployment would be permissible.