Terror-Funding Ban Bill Approved On Way To Knesset

, | updated: 6:32 PM

The Knesset Law Committee unanimously approved for its final readings the proposed bill banning terrorism funding. Committee Chairman Michael Eitan (Likud) says that the bill can be a "model for the entire world."

The bill states that one who provides money for the families of dead terrorists will be considered as if he had funded terrorism, and will be subject to 7-10 years in prison. In addition, one who fails to report a transfer of money for terrorist purposes faces a year-long prison sentence. This clause applies to bankers and others involved in money exchanges.

Committee members said that with the passage of this law, Israel will join the community of Western nations that, since September 2001, have passed laws enabling international cooperation against worldwide terrorism. Israel will be able to adopt another country's determination that a given organization is a terrorist entity, even if it has not acted against Israel, and take action against it.

MK Eitan said, "It took us 16 sessions to find the proper balance between the need to join the international struggle against terrorism and the need to guarantee individual civil rights. It can be a model for the whole world as to how to fight terrorism while maintaining civil rights."