Suicide Bomber Was Children´s TV Show Hostess

The young 18-year-old female suicide terrorist, Zeinab Ali Isa Abu-Salem, who murdered two Israelis yesterday, was none other than a childre

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The young 18-year-old female suicide terrorist, Zeinab Ali Isa Abu-Salem, who murdered two Israelis yesterday and wounded some 30 others, was none other than a children's TV show hostess on a local station in Shechem. Ofra resident Debbie Segal, who noticed the terrorist approaching the bus stop moments before she blew herself up, described her as "extraordinarily beautiful." She comes from a very wealthy Arab family in Shechem, which owns the TV station where she worked.

Palestinian Media Watch has thoroughly documented numerous children's TV programs that indoctrinate Arab children to seek "heroic death for Allah." On January 15, 2002, Arafat himself, during a PA televised message to children, told them, "Is it not the greatest message to the world, when a child dies for Allah?"

Abu-Salem raises the number of female suicide terrorists to eight. Security sources say that she, like most of them, was young, single, and intelligent. Another 40 female terrorists have been arrested since the Oslo War began on Rosh Hashana, 2000, some of whom were on their way to commit suicide attacks.

Eyewitnesses to yesterday's attack said that the terrorist, clad in a veil, was stopped at the Border Guard post at the entrance to the crowded bus-and-ride stop, and argued with one of the policeman who wanted to check her. When the second officer approached them, Abu-Salem detonated the explosives that she held in a bag in her hand. IMRA notes that this occurred just a day after US President Bush told the UN General Assembly that Israel must "end the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people" - a reference to the checkpoints.

The two Border Guard policemen who were killed in yesterday's suicide bombing in northern Jerusalem were buried today. They are Momoya Tahio, 20, from Rehovot, who immigrated from Ethiopia a number of years ago, and Menashe Komemi, 19, from Moshav Aminadav in the Jerusalem area.

Komemi's cousin, Raanan Komemi, was killed a year ago in a battle with terrorists in central Gaza. Raanan's father - the uncle of the policeman killed yesterday - is one of the founding members of an organization called the Three Fathers, which demands that the government allow the army to fight the anti-terror war without restraint and that the Supreme Court not prevent the army from razing structures used by terrorists to perpetrate attacks.

A few hours after the attack, Israeli forces demolished the homes of the terrorist and of her dispatcher. The two lived in the Shechem area in northern Shomron. In addition, IDF forces arrested over 15 terrorists in various Yesha areas last night.