Suicide Attack Foiled

, | updated: 4:23 PM

A suicide bombing attack was foiled today near Kedumim, in northern Shomron, and ended with the death of only the terrorist himself. He apparently detonated the bomb prematurely, from his standpoint, and parts of his body, as well as sharp metal pieces generally used in attacks of this nature were found up to 100 meters away. In a separate incident, Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler reports that an Arab was shot and seriously wounded as he was about to hurl a Molotov firebomb at Israelis. Shots were fired at an Israeli car in the Shomron; no one was hurt.

Though terrorist attacks have been on the downswing, this is not true for the motivation of the terrorists to perpetrate them. "The relative quiet that we are experiencing is very misleading," said a high-ranking retired IDF officer to Arutz-7. "It is rather a function of their lack of ability to carry them out. There are 50 warnings a day, and they would carry out at least some of them if they could. It's true that there has been a slight shift on the Palestinian side, as they are scared by the announcements of unilateral moves... but the bottom line is that Hamas gets stronger every day, at the expense of the PA."