Giant Yesha Rally This Sunday Night

Many pro-nationalist and Land of Israel organizations are urging massive participation in the massive demonstration against Prime Minister Sharon's latest defeatist plans this Sunday night.

, | updated: 2:28 PM

Many pro-nationalist and Land of Israel organizations, such as Women in Green, Manhigut Yehudit, Cities of Israel, Gamla Shall Not Fall Again and others, are urging Israelis and supporters from all over to join in the massive demonstration organized by the Yesha Council this Sunday night. The event is being held as a cry of opposition to the plans to uproot Jews and the creation of a PLO state on the Land of Israel.

Approximately half of the Likud's 40 Knesset Members are expected to participate. Some 1,300 security personnel will safeguard the event, and streets in the vicinity will be closed off beginning at 3 PM.

The protest was originally planned for Monday evening, but was moved up to Sunday - 7 PM at Rabin Square - because of forecasted bad weather. Transportation will be provided from central locations in many cities throughout the country.

"This demonstration is maybe the most important one we have ever had," writes Women in Green. "We must show Prime Minister Sharon that we will not stand for his defeatist plans that are not only diametrically opposed to his own party's platform, but also completely against the will of the majority of the people who elected him. Even if you never attended a demonstration, this one is a MUST!"