More Negative Reactions To The Road Map


AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel) is one of several U.S. organizations speaking out against the Road Map and calling upon Pres. Bush and the State Department to abandon it. AFSI cites an article by military affairs expert Ze'ev Schiff stating that Israel has filed an official complaint to the U.S. regarding "the first substantial breach of one of the important security clauses of the U.S. Road Map."

At issue is the fact that, as reported by Arutz-7 last week, several important PA security organizations, including Force 17 and the General Intelligence, remain under the direct command of Yasser Arafat - whereas the Road Map explicitly stipulates that all PA security forces will be combined into three services under the auspices of the PA interior minister. Abu Mazen's new minister for state security affairs, Mohammed Dahlan, has authority over only two security organizations - the counter-intelligence apparatus and the uniformed police, while Arafat controls five others - General Intelligence, the National Security Forces, Force 17, Military Intelligence and the naval forces.

AFSI says that Abu Mazen is not to be trusted, and the Bush-Powell endorsement of him is "a threat not only to Israel but to the national security of the United States."

Rabbi Zalman Barauch Melamed's letter to President Bush - distributed by Arutz-7 last week and available on our website has drawn many letters of support from our readers. Rabbi Melamed congratulated Bush on his success in Iraq, and advised him to "finish the job" with terrorist organizations such as the PLO, "which to this very day are headed by some of the worst terrorists of the 20th century... The only real solution is to rectify the historic wrong and enable the People of Israel to return to their entire land. Every program that stands in opposition to the Prophets' Road Map cannot succeed."

Close to 90% of the responses were positive. Some excerpts:
"Many Americans stand with [you] and with Israel. We are making our voices heard. I just got back from a prayer breakfast, attended by over 900 persons, at the Israeli Embassy in DC. Members of the Quartet cannot give away land they don't own. Long after the USA disappears, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria will STILL BELONG to the Jews... Keep the faith!"

"I have written my Congressmen of Oklahoma, admonishing them not to vote yes on the so-called Road Map plan... I am appalled that we in the United States are not being adequately informed on issues affecting Israel. I am also a Bible-believing Christian who believes in [your] G-d given right to the land called Israel [and] to be right where you are."

"May I suggest an alternate approach? Compose a letter to the [rabbinical leaders] who reside in America and ask them why they have not called for massive Aliyah. Ask them why they close their eyes when their [worshipers] spend $20,000+ for Pesach in the Pocono Mountains instead of coming to Israel..."

The Zionist Organization of America, which has been tracking the PA's fulfillment of conditions set by Pres. Bush, finds that in the first week since the proposal of the Road Map, the PA has not fulfilled any of its obligations to "combat terrorist groups and democratize Palestinian Arab society." The ZOA states that during the past week, there were at least 23 terrorist attacks or attempted attacks, in which four people were murdered and 66 were wounded. In addition, the PA did nothing to fulfill its other obligations, such as calling for an immediate cease-fire, arresting terrorists, confiscating illegal weapons, or dismantling the terrorist infrastructure.